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Skinceuticals Discolouration Defense, pigmentation’s biggest enemy

When I was in my teens and early twenties, sun tanning seemed to be the coolest and most hip thing to do. In fact, the more tanned I was, the happier I would be. So much so to the extent that I skipped sunblock, sunscreen and any products that would prevent me from being tanned. However, as I stepped into my thirties, good friends (such as freckles, brown patches and sunspot…etc mainly uneven skin tone and freckles on the cheek for my case) that I have made during my sun tanning days started to visit me. Although mine was not too serious, with some concealer and some laser treatment, I can easily conceal and get rid of them . But what worried me was how these spot can slowly develop into ugly dark patches which is also known as hyperpigmentation. Hence, when I heard about Skinceuticals Discolouration Defense, I was intrigued! A clinical study was done and there were significant improvements (60% improvement in the appearance of stubborn brown patches, 59% improvement on the appearance of discolouration; 81% on reduction of post acne marks and 59% improvement in uneven skin tone) shown in as early as 2 weeks for the females with facial pigmentation. Sounds really good right? So let us dive in and find out more.
So what is Hyperpigmentation?
Hyperpigmentation occurs when our skin produce too much melanin (the pigments that give skin its color) which resulted in freckles, brown patches and uneven skin tone. In some severe cases, even with the help of makeup, one would not be able to cover those skin discolouration. Some of the most common factors that caused hyperpigmentation include natural aging, sun damage, hormonal changes (taking birth-control pills can be a cause of it too), acne scars …etc.
For prevention of hyperpigmentation, Vitamin C was known for being one of the best to perform a whole loads of miracles within the skin. Besides stimulating new collagen, reducing fine lines and wrinkles and protecting the skin from free radicals, Vitamin C helps in improving the skin hydration, renewing and protecting the skin against UV-induced damage. SkinCeuticals also has a range of these high-concentration antioxidants to cater to different skin types. Best of all, SkinCeuticals Vitamin C serums are all formulated under the Duke Antioxidant patent which means they contain pure L-Ascorbic acid at a concentration of 10 to 20%!
However, if you are like me, looking for a skincare solution to reduce those stubborn pigmentation, SkinCeuticals Discoloration Defense will be what we need to have and use together with Vitamin C serum. Made using key ingredients like Tranexamic Acid (3%, to minimise the reoccurance of skin discolouration), Kojic Acid (1%,to improve the uneven skin tone and restrict the production of melanin), Niacinamide (5%, a water-soluble vitamin to minimise the transfer of melanin to the surface of our skin), and HEPES (5%, helps to exfoliate and promotes skin renewal) to discourage the formation of skin discolouration, to correct and to prevent stubborn pigments from occuring! While SkinCeuticals Discoloration Defense is doing miracles to our face, this product is gentle enough for daily use; being free from paraben, fragrance, silicone, gluten and hydroquinone.
Thanks to Dr Gerald Ee from The Clifford Clinic, I also got to know more about what hyperpigmentation can do to our skin. While laser can aid in reducing pigmentation and restore our skin to a better condition, we cannot do it too often. Once or twice a month for maintenance is good enough. Hence, SkinCeuticals Discoloration Defense is definitely good to maintain our skin on a daily basis to prevent and lighten the existing pigmentation in between the time before we are due for our next laser appointment. I believe with SkinCeuticals Discoloration Defense, brighter and smoother skin is awaiting!
For more information, do log on to Skinceuticals’ website. Do note that Skinceuticals do not have any online retailers at the moment, to purchase any Skinceuticals products, you might like to find out where is your nearest Skinceuticals’ authorised skincare professionals.

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