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Sinmei Tea 川善茶居

To be very frank, I didn’t do any “homework” before my trip to Hong Kong as I know that my fellow foodie friends have already done their research. hahaha So after checking into our AirBnb in Sheung Wan, we made our way to Sinmei Tea at CS Tower Building which is just 5 minutes away from where we stayed.

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I have heard about how Sinmei Tea was a paradise for matcha lovers and the place was usually crowded. To my surprise, the cafe was relatively quiet. But as we entered Sinmei Tea, one cannot help but to be enchanted by the anachronistic interior that reminded me of a chinese tea house in its olden days.
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Other than the deco, there was also a beautiful cat on the balcony that I couldn’t help but to steal a few more glances. Silly me was even trying to open the balcony to get closer to her/ him. lol
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Based on our online “homework”, some of the recommended matcha items include matcha molten cake and sizzling matcha brownie. As molten cake is quite common in Singapore, we decided to go for the sizzling matcha brownie ($78 HKD; est ~ $13.65 SGD), Earl Grey Angel Cake ($40 HKD; est ~ $7 SGD) and the Matcha Tart ($45 HKD; est ~ $7.85 SGD) which was exclusive to the Hong Kong outlet. 
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To be frank, I couldn’t understand the hype over the matcha desserts here that was rumoured to have guests queuing for hours. Luckily for us, we managed to visit this place at a non-peak hour. The Matcha Tart was lack of any characteristic of matcha and the matcha Sizzling Matcha Brownie was too sweet for my liking.
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However, I was more impressed with the drinks than the desserts served. We ordered The Matcha Mojito ($40; est ~ $7 SGD) and Houjicha Latte ($40; est ~ $7 SGD). I think the non-alcoholic Matcha Mojito was a brilliant idea of infusing fresh Mint leaves into the iced matcha drink. I love how refreshing this drink was.
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Overall, Sinmei Tea didn’t impressed me with any of the desserts that we have ordered. However, I did enjoy the laid back ambience which I thought would be good to grab a book and spend an afternoon here.
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While trying to validate the address and contact detail of Sinmei Tea, to my surprise, I have found out that Sinmei Tea outlet in Hong Kong has ceased its operation in Aug. So currently, Sinmei Tea only has 1 outlet in Brisbane. For people who wanted to try their Matcha items, i am afraid that you can only go Brisbane to find them liao.

Sinmei Tea 川善茶居
5/F, CS Tower, 50 Wing Lok Street, Sheung Wan, Hong Kong
Tel: +852 3690 8238

Brisbane – 35C Latrobe Terrace, Paddington QLD 4064 Australia
Tel: +61 0403 565 877
Operating Hours: Thurs to Mon 11am – 6pm
Sun 10am – 5pm

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