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New Beauty brands to check out at SASA

Besides Guardian and Watsons, one of my favourite place to shop for my beauty hauls is definitely Sasa. Hence, I am very excited to share with you some new brands from USA, France, Taiwan, Israel and Korean that will be up on the shelves at all SASA outlets!
Sasa party-11
KinGirls has recently launched a new series of masks called Who Cares and similar to other masks under this taiwanese brand, the hypoallergenic and made specially for sensitive skin masks are suitable for daily usages. Oh yes, it is said that they are free from parabens, MI / MCI, fragrance, colouring agent, plasticizers, mineral oils, and other chemical additives.
The range has 5 variants to suit different skin types and they are now for sale at $7.50 per piece. Simply leave it on for 15 to 20 minutes to experience the self pampering session.
Sasa party-29
As some of you might have known, Tsaio (上山採药) is a Taiwanese brand that specializes in using non-toxic natural herbal ingredients into our skincare, bodycare and haircare! With the belief of treating our skin with the most gentle and natural formula, this is how Tsaio has met the standard of “Green Skincare” as well as “environmentally friendly” for over 40 years in Taiwan.
Sasa party-34
Do not miss the selection of masks (10 for $22.90) under this organic brand as it is said to be better than “My Bxxxxx Diary”.
Tsaio (上山採药)
Sasa party-27
When I was in Korea, I went crazy searching high and low for Shangpree’s eye masks as I have read heaps of great reviews about them. Hence, I really can’t contain my happiness as Shangpree is not just coming to Singapore at all SASA outlets, you can also find their Premium Molding Mask range ($70/5pcs) as well as their Eye Masks (from $45/ 60pcs), Marine Jewel Masks ($35/5pcs) as well as their Aroma Blend Masks ($40/10 pcs)!!!!
Sasa party-4
To celebrate its 20th anniversary, Cyber Color has introduced a limited series named the “Cyber Star”. This collection consists of 3 shades of Cyber Star Satin Matte Lip, 3 hues of Cyber Star Blendable Lip, 3 tones of Cyber Star Eyeshadow and Cyber Star Soft Blush in 2 colours. OH yes, anything star shape is definitely worth that second look and with the lippies $33.90, blusher and eyeshadow at $29.90, I thought that is a perfect excuse to stock up some. Afterall, you don’t see a star shaped lipstick everyday, don’t you?
Cyber Color
Sasa party-20
Sasa party-24
Founded in 1945, Gosh Copenhagen is now available in more than 80 countries worldwide. But if there is something that you need to get, that will be the Velvet Touch Foundation Primer which is a makeup base designed to fill in pores and give you a smooth and matte finish. Oh yes, it is made without perfume and paraben and is suitable for vegans and vegetarians. Gosh Copenhagen has an extensive product ranges that cover from Cosmetics to Fragrances, Hair Care, Face Care, Body Care and Pharmaceuticals.
Gosh Copenhagen
Sasa party-57
One of the brand that caught my attention is VPROVE from Korea. Nope, it is not bacause Park Bo Gum, a popular Korean heart-throb, has endorsed on the brand but more of how interesting the products are. Any golf-players here?
Sasa party-58
Besides having a variety of skincare that are eco-friendly and great for sensitive skin, VPROVE has this unisex Outdoor Fitting Gel Mask that is great to provide you with sun protection while firming and giving your face a soothing effect.
Sasa party-53
Korean skincare has been very well known for their lengthy 10 steps skincare routine. But Soo’AE simplified the beauty regime with their wide selection of skin and hair care collections while allowing you to enjoy the benefits of the K-beauty. Some of the most popular mask are the Soo’AE Revive Gold Peel Off Mask, Diamond Glow Peel Off Mask and Black Charcoal Peel Off Mask. Besides using naturally derived ingredients, Soo’AE products are free from synthetic parabens, fragrances, phthalates, sulfates and colorants.
Sasa party-47
Sasa party-42
When I saw Skin’s Boni Yogurt Mask Pack, I got really excited. We all know how eating yogurt is good for our health, but do you know that applying yogurt on our skin also allows the skin to glow? Skin’s Boni Yogurt Mask Pack contains good lactobacilli as well as lactic acid to brighten the skin while reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles and to maintain the skin at its optimal pH level.
Skin’s Boni
Sasa party-40
Launched in 2017, CCLIMGLAM is a sister brand of Skin’S Boni with a highly popular CHAMELEON Styling Wax that allows you to change hair color as and when you like it. On top of that, CCLIMGLAM 24K Gold Luxury Ampoule is another star product that catches the attention of the consumers with its ability to keep the skin moisturised with brightening properties included in that little cute bottle filled with 24K gold.
Sasa party-46
Developed by Gowoonsesang, No.1 skin clinical centre in Korea, Dr.G is a Korean skincare brand that is said to rejuvenate the skin from inside out. Besides having many celebrity devotees, one of the star products is definitely Dr.G Hydra Intensive mask which the former Korean president’s wife is said to enjoy using. With 5 skincare lines available to suit people of different ages, Dr.G is also appointed by Asiana Airline to provide the skin care service for their first class customers.
Dr. G
Sasa party-36
Using natural ingredients found in the Dead Sea to formulate the skincare range that is free from paraben and mineral oil, founder of -417, Moty Fridman, believes that beauty starts with your skincare before any makeup and other enhancers. As the Dead Sea is situated 417 meters below sea level, this is how the brand gets its name. You can now find – 417 latest anti-aging collections, Time Control collection & Radiant See Collection which are enriched with Precious Mineral Complex to retain moisture and reduce signs of aging, at SASA too.
Sasa party-38
Formulated and produced in France, Methode Jeanne Piabert has extended its salon experience to a variety of home-care range that mimic the skin bioelectricity which is essential to the skin regeneration and rejuvenate the skin from within.
Methode Jeanne Piabert,
Sasa party-15
Sasa party-17
So who is Christian Siriano? He is actually an American fashion designer who has won the fourth season of Project Runway. After launching his first perfume in 2014, Christian Siriano has also launched his second perfume, Silhouette in Bloom, for women. The pretty bottle has top notes of pear leaves, pink pepper and Italian mandarin with a nice floral yet slightly woody finish.
Christian Siriano
Sasa party-18
Banana Republic has also introduced the Icon Fragrance Collection which is a selection of unisex scents with every scent telling a story of some of the most iconic moments within the brand’s rich history. 5 out of the 8 scents from the Icon Fragrance Collection is now available at SASA.
Banana Republic

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