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Sand & Sky Australian Pink Mask -Take your skin on a holiday

My first encounter with Sand & Sky Australian Pink Mask happened about a year ago when I started to see reviews on this product which was said to be suitable for all skin types and has created wonders on many users. I got curious but eventually held my horses as clay masks tend to dry out my skin.
But I decided to give this much-hyped product a try since there’s a Perfect Skin Bundle with a 15% discount on its online store. The bundle includes a Porefining Face Mask + FREE applicator brush and Flash Perfection Exfoliating Treatment, a deal too good to be missed!
Sand & Sky-3
Sand & Sky-5
The delivery of the products was superb. Within 3 days, I received my products which were nicely bubble-wrapped. I had a good first impression of the packaging as they were in my favourite hues of turquoise, pink and white. Best of all, the Porerefining Face Mask comes with a very soft applicator brush. This is definitely different from other clay mask!
Sand & Sky-10
After cleansing my face, I proceeded to apply the pink creamy mask on my face.
Sand & Sky-11
Oh yes, remember to apply just a thin layer evenly so that the mask can dry completely faster. Sometimes less is more!
Sand & Sky-16
After 10 minutes, the pink clay turned pale and almost into white colour. This is the time to wash off the mask with warm water before applying your usual skincare routine. I liked how smooth, clean and soft my skin felt after rinsing off the mask.
Sand & Sky-53
Two days after trying Sand & Sky Porerefining Face Mask, I decided to try Sand & Sky Flash Perfection Exfoliating Treatment. This product is also made using Australian Pink Clay which is great for removing dirt and impurities from deep within the skin while regulating the sebum production.
Sand & Sky-26
Sand & Sky Flash Perfection Exfoliating Treatment works more like a scrub and it contains Bamboo, Macadamia Seed and Australian Finger Lime to remove dead skin cells and give the skin an instant glow.
Sand & Sky-41
If you do not have ultra-sensitive skin, massage the face for 30 seconds after you apply the product onto cleansed moist skin.
Sand & Sky-33
However, if you are worried that massaging the product on your skin will trigger sensitivity, you can just apply Sand & Sky Flash Perfection Exfoliating Treatment and wait for 5 minutes before you rinse with warm water and pat dry.
Sand & Sky-44
After using, the skin felt just like baby’s skin. YES, I kid you not. It was really very smooth and I like how my skin seems to glow!
Sand & Sky-55
Will I be using them again?
Although there was a short tingling sensation felt when I was applying the products, my skin did not have any redness nor reaction after I washed off the products. In fact, the skin looked brighter and also felt tighter. Sand & Sky Porefining Face Mask and Flash Perfection Exfoliating Treatment are definitely going into my twice weekly skincare routine. My only gripe about them is their small size – 60g and 100ml. But this also means that I can carry them along in my carry-on bag when I go on my holidays! Wherever I am in this world, I can say hello to bright and beautiful skin! For more information, visit

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