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Usher in the Year of the Rooster with Ryan’s Grocery “Spring Reunion” Offerings

I love steamboat as everyone get to choose the type of ingredients to put into the pot to cook and enjoy a meal together.  It is no doubt about it that I have the most number of steamboat meals during CNY than any other. Earlier this month, I have a preview on the offering of a premium list of ingredients which are available at Ryan’s Grocery till 15th Feb.

Ryan's Grocer-17
For those who loves pork, don’t miss the Fortune Shabu-Shabu Set ($118 each) which consists of an assortment of 10 packets of pork shabu-shabu from pork collar, pork loin to pork belly. I am usually not a pork eater, but oh my, the pork belly is really good! Not only does it melt in your mouth, it does not have a very “porky” smell!
Ryan's Grocer-23
If you are one who enjoy more varieties, look out for the Prosperity Shabu-Shabu Set ($118 each).  You get a selection of 8 assorted packets of premium shabu-shabu which you can choose from three different cuts of free-range Borrowdale pork, organic grass fed Thomas Farms lamb and Blackwood Valley Black Angus beef. Both sets also come with a SKYLIGHT Gift Set (Worth $79.00) that includes New Zealand Superior Abalone, Superior Pacific Clams, and Premium Razor Clams.
Ryan's Grocer-4
Ryan's Grocer-19
Steamboat without any “balls”, seems to be a bit boring. But it is hard to get really good handmade meatballs outside. Worry not as Ryan’s Grocery’s home-made gluten-free Meatball Platters (12pcs) made with organic Black Angus Beef ($11.80), hormone-free Chicken ($9.90), and free-range Pork with Water Chestnut ($9.90) are here to your rescue. Major love the pork meatballs as they are so bouncy and juicy. Bonus point given to that lovely crunchy textural bite with the additional of water chestnut.
Ryan's Grocer-27
Seafood lovers will not be disappointed by the Wild Caught U.S.A Sea Scallops ($22.50, approx. 300g), Organic Tiger Prawns ($28, approx. 400g) and frozen Mud Crab ($38.80 approx 900g, 2pcs).
Ryan's Grocer-28
Ryan’s Grocery also retail an array of organic vegetables from leafy greens such as locally grown Organic Tang Oh, Cos Lettuce and Nai Bai to fresh Shiitake Mushrooms and Black Fungus.
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For those who cannot go without any dip and want to be healthy with gluten-free condiments, Ryan’s Grocery has something for everyone! One of my dining partner swear by Great Southern Truffle mustard for the beef shabu shabu. Gluten-free Ayam Fish and Hoi Sin Sauce, Jensens Organic Crushed Chilli and Red Kellys Chilli & Lime Sauce provide the perfect pairing for seafood. Alternatively, a simple blend of Latasha’s Kitchen Green Chimichurri with Clearspring Toasted Sesame Oil complements meat and seafood.
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Ryan’s Grocery Lunar New Year offerings are available from 3 Jan till 15 Feb. Enjoy free delivery with every purchase of $200 and above! All orders can be made online at www.ryansgrocery.com or instore at 29 Binjai Park. Happy Steamboat-ing, guys!

Ryan’s Grocery
29 Binjai Park, Singapore 589831 Binjai Park, Singapore 589831
Tel: +65 6463 3933
Email: mygrocer@ryansgrocery.com
Operating Hours: 9am – 7:00pm , Daily

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