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REvive Aesthetics’ 4F Fat Freeze Fat Flush treatment

As much as I wish to be as slim as what many people have perceived me to be, I have a bulging tummy which I am super frustrated with. Especially after Chinese New Year feasting, with that indulgence in all the delectable delights, I have gained a substantial amount of weight, 5 kg to be exact! Hence, I have decided to get that healthy body back with REvive Aesthetics’ 4F Fat Freeze Fat Flush treatment on my tummy.
Revive Fat Freeze
After filling up a simple registration form, I was brought to the locker area to keep my belongings and changed into a pair of slippers. Then the therapist led me to my treatment room.
Revive Fat Freeze-2
I was asked to change into a comfy kimono pajamas before the treatment start.
Revive Fat Freeze-4
The therapist started a gentle massage on my tummy with a house blended essential oil. I was told that the massage was suppose to help in detoxification and improvement in the digestive system.
Revive Fat Freeze-6
Unlike other Fat Freeze treatment that I have tried before, REvive Aesthetics’ 4F Fat Freeze Fat Flush treatment includes a step where that they use a fat melting machine with vibration to aid in reducing and reshaping the treated area. I could feel a comfortable warm sensation with the occasional tingling feeling as the equipment went round my tummy.
Revive Fat Freeze-3 edited
Revive Fat Freeze-7
Next up, an anti-freeze membrane was put onto my tummy before the Fat Freeze treatment began to prevent any skin damage during the treatment process.
Revive Fat Freeze-9 edited
One interesting fact about our body is that fats are more temperature-sensitive than our skin. Hence, fat cells freeze more quickly than skin cells. The fat-freezing applicator uses a gentle suction with thermoelectric cooling that is cold enough to freeze and kill fats at the targeted area yet not harming the surrounding tissues! The pulsating suction during the treatment also boosts the body’s lymphatic drainage and metabolism, amazeballs isn’t it? For someone with HIGH endurance level, the 50 minutes fat freeze treatment was comfortable. In fact, I dosed off after a while. lol
Revive Fat Freeze-11
After the fat-freezing applicator was removed, Fat Flush, a bio current, machine was used to tone up the treated area. This helps to promote blood circulation and relieve any discomfort felt during the treatment.
According to the therapist, result can only be seen after 1 to 3 months and there will be up to 20% reduction of fats on the treated area. REvive Aesthetics’ 4F Fat Freeze Fat Flush treatment can be used to treat love handles, butterfly wings, thunder thighs, bulging tummy! To be honest, I have seen significant reduction of fats after a month but I guess for me to achieve my perfect body goal, it is still a distance away. Since this treatment can only be done once a month, I think it is about time for me to revisit REvive Aesthetics!
The cost of treatment per area (ala-carte aka without package) is $160. But there is a promotion for 1st time customers (Valid till May 2018) at $58 for 1 session, $110 for 2 sessions, $160 for 3 sessions.
Good news for my readers, I have 1 session of 4F Fat Freeze Fat Flush (for one targeted area) to be given away. Simply hop on to my facebook page for more details.

REvive Aesthetics
Clarke Quay
Central 6 Eu Tong Sen Street, #03-37/48, Singapore 059817
Tel: +65 6222 0061
West Coast Plaza
154 West Coast Road, #01-86, Singapore 127371
Tel: +65 6255 1678
Parkway Parade
80 Marine Parade Road, #05-19/25, Singapore449269
Tel: +65 6745 8998

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