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Review: Lenovo Yoga 2 Pro

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Well, this is actually my reaction when my laptop screen started to flicker. Like many bloggers, I attended events regularly and have amassed a number of backlogs. So when my laptop started to go haywire, I am really at the verge of crying. It means backlogs are going to be superbacklogs. Besides investing time to edit pictures and churn out blog posts, money were also spent on equipment such as a decent camera and a trusted laptop (which was not the case for me). Anyway here is the review for my not-so-trusted laptop.

One of the reason why I have bought the Lenovo Yoga 2 Pro is because it has this feature whereby it can easily change between 4 modes – Laptop, Stand, Tablet and Tent. This unique feature allows the laptop screen to flip around 360 degrees. However, based on my experiences, I am usually on the laptop mode and RARELY use the other modes. Yes, you might say I am under utilising my laptop. But I assure you, this is also the reason why I am so pissed off now. Since I am only on the regular mode, how is it that my screen is flickering like the disco light now?
From what I googled, it might be due the screen cable being loose or damaged or the inverter and backlight that caused this problem. In short, hardware issue. Mind you, this is the second time that I have sent my laptop in for repair.

Within 3 months after I have bought the laptop, the keyboard decided to start typing on its own. Nope it is not a haunted laptop. Anyway it was sent in for repair. The good folks at the service centre in Bukit Timah replaced a brand new keypad for me and told me that this is a common problem that they are facing. HARDWARE issue. At the back of my mind, I am thinking I am damn suay so let’s make sure that the laptop stays in good condition as long as possible.

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So I bought a laptop backpack to make sure that I protect the laptop on days when I want to bring it out. I have also make sure that there is an anti-virus software to protect it and use it only on flat clean solid surface! As much as I can be lazy at times, I do not use it on my bed even though I love to nua in bed!


Despite all my attempts on the safety precautions and measures to protect the laptop, it was sent in to the service centre last week. Do note that all these happened within a year after my keypad was replaced. The experience at the service centre wasn’t pleasing as well. I was first told that there is a possibility that my laptop might be reformatted and they requested me to sign a letter of consent which I refused. Mind you, there is no software issue detected at the point of time. Then I was asked to paid $30++ for the repair of software issue. All these happened even before my laptop was examined. Do note, my laptop screen flickered but there is no software issue detected even till now.

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I was unhappy about it and I questioned the lady who served me. In the end, she kept mum as she couldn’t answer my questions till another lady attended to me. I was told that the first lady was new and there is no need to make any payment unless a software issue was detected. There were also 2 screws missing from my laptop. I was lagi stunned as I am not a tech savvy person so the last thing I would do is to remove any screw from my laptop.

I am not sure if I am the only one who is having an issue with Lenovo Yoga 2 Pro. Just like many who have done research before buying a gadget, I have done mine too. The reviews are usually positive. To be frank, despite of the not-so-ideal service at the service centre and the 2 hardware issues that I faced, I have no other issue with this laptop. It is very fast when it comes to starting up and shutting down (comparable to Macbook). Anyway Yoga 2 Pro is no longer available in the market as Lenovo has came out with a better version, Yoga 3 Pro.
This review is made possible as I am using my sis’s ASUS laptop. I hope I can get my laptop in good condition soon. Hopefully no more problems or missing screws.
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