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Media Launch of Restylane Skincare range at Alati Divine Greek Cuisine (Amoy Street)

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For many who are familiar with injectables, Restylane definitely rings a bell as it was the first stabilized hyaluronic acid filler in the market. For years, Restylane are used to enhance facial features and help to maintain and restore the natural moisture content in our skin. I was elated when I got to know that Galderma (the company who own Restylane) has recently launched a collection of topical skincare products using NASHA Technology (Stabilised Hyaluronic Acid), the same unique patented technology utilised in Restylane.
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The Restylane Skincare range consists of six products in the local market – Facial Cleanser, Whitening Day Cream SPF 15, Night Cream, Eye Serum, Hand
Cream and Recover Cream with NASHA Technology as the core of the whole of Restylane Skincare Range.
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These longer-lasting hyaluronic acid has been incorporated in the Restylane Skin Care range as tiny crystal-shaped particles to improve skin hydration,and skin structure while reducing superficial minimal lines. Woohoo, say hi to diong diong skin!
Restylane Skincare
Just a few weeks ago, there was a media launch of Restylane Skincare by Galderma at Alati Divine Greek Cuisine in 73 Amoy Street. Besides learning more about Restylane Skincare range, Dr. Lynn Chiam, an accredited dermatologist, was also there to share on how to slow down the signs of aging to bring back the youthfulness in our skin.
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As we know, the secret to beautiful skin is balanced skin hydration combined with a healthy and protective skin barrier. Restylane Skincare combines these two
qualities in an innovative series of creams for healthy skincare. So achieving great skin can be as easy as ABC by following a morning, day and evening skincare routine.Restylane Skincare-27
Morning regime comprises Cleanser, Eye serum and Whitening creams, and also applying Hand Cream in the day. While evening regime requires Cleanser, Eye serum, follow by Night cream.
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The beauty of the patented NASHA Technology (Stabilised Hyaluronic Acid) is that it gives the skin elasticity while binding large amounts of water in the skin. Hence the skin is well hydrated.
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Hyaluronic acid occurs naturally in the body to improves our skin’s hydration. However, usually the hydration would lasts only for a few days. Using the NASHA Technology, hydration is longer lasting and gives the skin a natural glow that many women are lusting for.
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After the talk, a spread of greek cuisine was prepared for guests to enjoy.
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Thank you Restylane for such a beautiful luncheon to know more about the new range. I have since included Restylane skincare range to my daily beauty routine. Simply can’t wait to share more soon. Check out this space soon ya.

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