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Puvay Collagen Drinks

There are so many collagen drinks in the market but I hate the fact that many of them have a weird aftertaste and are often too sweet. Hence I am always on the look out for something that doesn’t fall within that 2 categories. Thanks to June, I was introduced to a new collagen drink which is just what I am looking for!
Puvay Collagen Drink
As compared to other collagen drinks in the market, Puvay uses a smaller peptides molecules of “Korean Marine Collagen Peptides” which means better absorption of the collagen! Yay! There are 8000mg of them! Woohoo. Can you feel your skin being thankful for that?
Puvay Collagen Drink
Something unique about Puvay collagen drinks is that only 100% natural fruit puree is used. That means lower in calorie and sugar.  Puvay also contains no artificial flavouring, colouring, or stabilizers! How great is that, right? As much as I love dessert, sugar is a huge enemy to our body and health! Having too much sugar will give our body the wrong signal that we are hungry and overeating is the last thing we want, right? And yes, don’t get me started on wrinkles, saggy skin and health issues!
Puvay Collagen Drink-2
Recently,  Puvay has launched 2 new flavours (Passionfruit Spring & Peach Perfect) on top of the existing 2 flavours (Berry Husky & Mango Sunshine).
Puvay Collagen Drink-14
The best part about Puvay is you can drink it on its own (just like any other collagen drinks), customise it as a fruit dessert or even a mocktail! There are so many ways to drink it that drinking collagen drink is no longer a boring task! =D
Puvay Collagen Drink-18
My muslim friends, aren’t you glad that Puvay is Halal certified?! Woohoo! Just a little bit more about Pure Rich BioGems, the company who formulated Puvay, it is a Singapore based country. So next time, you are looking for a new collagen drink, remember Puvay, ok? Support local!
Puvay Collagen Drink-13
Purvay collagen drinks are retailing at $7 per bottle (100ml per bottle! I am quite sure that this is one of the biggest bottled collagen drink in the market!). You can also get a special launch price of $20 for 4 on For more details on Puvay and the range of products that they have launched, you can check out their website or facebook.

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