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PHS HairScience 11.11 Sale

Several years ago, I got to know about PHS HairScience when they launched their latest range of scalp care solution. I was totally impressed with their range of scalp solution as they are designed with different products to suit every individual to protect our scalp using botanical ingredients and essential oils! So you can imagine how happy I was when I received PHS HairScience Surprise Box for her that will be launching on 11 Nov! Trust me, you would want to camp on PHS HairScience’s website for this!

What so special about this limited edition surprise box is that it is worth $200 but it will be up for sale at $79.

PHS HairScience Surprise Box for her is meant to provide a total scalp care for women with hair loss or hair thinning issue. While you might think that this is not what you need as you have a lush crown of glory, trust me prevention is better than cure. Being a hair stylist in my former life, I have learn that the day you found hair loss a concern, it might has been there for at least a few years ago. But you only get to notice it when it get substantially visible.

Do you know that having clogged follicles is really bad for our scalp and our hair growth? Not only will good friends like dandruff, oiliness of the hair come and find us, it is also a cause for hair loss!
Hence, I was elated to find 30ml ADV Elixir in the PHS HairScience Surprise Box for her as this star product from PHS HairScience is made from adzuki beans whichcan help to deep cleanse the scalp, improve scalp circulation and stimulate healthy hair growth! All you need to do is to use it at least once a week before shampoo to unclog the pore and it will pave the way to healthy hair growth and even improve the the texture of the hair shaft and cuticles.

On top of that there is a full size FEM Fortify Shampoo (200ml $39), FEM Fortify Conditioner (50ml) and a Braun hair dryer. I thought it was quite a good deal cos the package is already worth more than the price of the surprise box which is $79. On top of that, you get to try the ADV Elixir as well as the FEM Fortify Conditioner before committing to the full size ones. Oh yes, did I mention that they smell really good too? Don’t forget to camp at online store if you are looking at getting the surprise boxes. As there are only 30 sets available.

PHS HairScience
Tel: +65 6692 0662

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