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Phoon Huat Deli, a homecook’s paradise

While many people prefer to dine out, I am quite a huge fan of house party. Hence, it excites me when I get to know that Phoon Huat (YES! the Phoon Huat that you get your baking supplies from) has a newly rebranded delicatessen named Phoon Huat Deli!
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Previously known as PH Delicatessen, Phoon Huat Deli is a gourmet paradise for all home cooks!
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Located at Redman at Star Vista, one can find heaps of premium foods at affordable prices at Phoon Huat Deli.
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I kid you not, besides artisanal produces such as cheese, cured meat and smoked salmon, there are premium meat cuts, fresh seafood, high quality sashimi!!! One can find imported meats from Japan, USA, Spain and even Australia. The selection includes A5-grade Miyazaki wagyu, Mishima Reserve Beef from USA, Iberico Pork from Spain Bluefin Tuna from Japan, sustainably farmed Salmon from Norway as well as seafood from various parts of Europe! There are also butchery services provided for all seafood and meats!
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There are also exclusive brands such as Benfumat (smoked seafood) and Royal Belgium Caviar (from $83 for Gold Label) found at Phoon Huat Deli.
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Best of all, you can now place your orders at your convenience online as Phoon Huat Deli has launched a brand new online store.. There is free delivery for orders over $88.00 (including GST) and delivery will be made on the next working day (subject to availability of timeslots) if the order is made before 12 noon. For orders below $88, there will be a $25 delivery charge. But do note that there are no deliveries on Sunday & Public Holidays.

Phoon Huat Deli
1 Vista Exchange Green, #B1-14/15 Singapore 138617
Tel: +65 6654 4333
Hotline: +65 6544 4345
Email: customerservice@phoonhuat.com
Operating Hours: Open Daily 10AM ~ 10PM

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