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O’ Coffee Club Xpress @ Raffles Exchange

Last Saturday morning, my friends and I visited the O’Coffee Club for brunch. The gourmet coffee
club was conveniently located at at B2-25/26 of Raffles Place MRT Station, and was spacious and
comfortable. In fact, they have long tables that could hold up to 20 paxes.

Wholesome Pumpkin sandwich with pumpkin seeds @ $1.90
Starving and impatient, we decided to order a large variety of food on the menu. The Wholesome
Pumpkin sandwiches with pumpkin seeds were the first to arrive. Despite looking unappealing at
first sight, the sandwich surprised me with its delicious pumpkin filling. The creamy pumpkin was
sweet and fresh, with the seeds adding a little crunch to the sandwich. I fell in love with the
sandwich right after the first bite, and it was certainly a good bargain at $1.90. We also ordered the Purple Sweet Potato and Egg sandwich which was priced at $2.90 each and
they were pretty tasty.
Chicken Tikka Wrap
Chicken Tikka Wrap @ $5.90
Next we tried the Chicken Tikka Wrap which was priced at $5.90. Filled with fresh vegetables
ranging from lettuce, cucumber, red onions, tomatoes and capsicum, they added a healthy spin to
the dish. I also enjoyed the taste of the chicken, which was flavourful and crispy.
Salted Egg Chicken Ciabatta
Salted Egg Chicken Ciabatta @ $8.90
Next we tried the Salted Egg Chicken Ciabatta. As a fan of salted-egg dishes, I definitely could not
give this dish a miss. The crusty fried chicken was infused with curry flavours, and tasted delicious.
The salted egg looked just like a golden molten lava cascading down the chicken, with fresh raw
tomatoes and lettuce nestled underneath. With each bite I took, I could taste the flavours
of each ingredient which blended together in a perfect harmony. The sandwich was certainly well
made. In addition, the portion was hearty and definitely worth it for the price of $8.90.
Beetroot & Mozzarella Salad @ $7.90
For those who consider themselves to be more health-conscious, O’ Coffee Club has a wide range
of salads which incude the Classic Ceasar, Chicken Pesto, Seafood, Phad Thai and Smoked Duck
salad for you to choose from. Prices range from $6.90 to $9.90.
Besides sandwiches and pasta, O Coffee Club also pride themselves on their flaky pastries which
are fresh from the oven daily:
Smoked Salmon Pasta
Flaky Sweet Potato – $3.90
Flaky Sweet Potato
Apple Turnover – $2.90
Apple Turnover
Strawberry Basket – $3.90
Strawberry Basket
Blueberry Basket – $3.90
Organic Jeju Cold Brew Coffee @ $7.90
One of the highlights was their Organic Jeju Cold Brew Coffee. Pictured here is one of the female staff dispensing the coffee from a special machine, the Jeju coffee machine.
Honeydew blended
Apart from coffee, O’Coffee Club also serves other drinks. I ordered a Honeydew Blended which
tasted delicious. Overall, I liked the Grab and Go style of food, whether its the snacks or main dish offered at O’Coffee Club. The O’Coffee Club offers a convenient meal option, especially for busy office workers who often have to rush through a meal. The affordable prices are definitely hard to find especially in the core CBD area.

Written by Kelvin Dao @kd.food, Engineer by Day, Photographer by Night. For pictorial opportunities please contact him at daokelvin@gmail.com

O’Coffee Club Xpress at Raffles Exchange
5 Raffles Place #B1-25/26 Singapore 048618
Tel: +65 6443 2932
Operating hours:
Monday – Friday: 7am – 8pm; Saturday: 7am – 2pm; Sunday & Public Holiday: Closed

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