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Online shopping with Numata City, the land with delicious apple in Japan

2020 has been quite a bummer for me as leisure traveling is totally impossible. If there is no Covid 19, Japan would be one of the country that is on my list to travel this year. But looking on the brighter side of life, I have found an online store on Qoo10 that is selling a curated list of products from Numata City, a city that is located in the northern Gunma Prefecture which is only 90 mins away from Tokyo.
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Beside beautiful scenery, waterfall and hot spring, Numata is famous for the fruits produced here as the vast difference in temperature between day and night has made the fruits packed with sweetness. In particularly, apple is one of the live live must try fruit if you ever visit Numata City. Since traveling is being put on hold till infinity, I am so glad that I can get my hands on some of these apple products from Numata City.
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I am actually not a big fan of bottled apple juices as I feel that they have a very unnatural taste. However, Ono Apple Orchard Pure Apple Juice ($19.80, 1000ml) totally changed my mind. It tasted like apple juice that is freshly pressed from a cold pressed juicer with a lot of sweetness. But mind you, there are NO added sugar, it is just as good as how you can taste it at Sayama-machi in Numata City, one of the leading apple producing region in Gunma Prefecture.
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For those who love to snack, I would highly recommend the Harada Farm Semi Dried Apple ($8.80). With the blessing of clean water, fresh air and good growing environment, the apple producers strive to produce apples in its most natural form with as little chemical additives as possible. Hence, the apples in the Numata region is as delicious as it can be. The semi dried apple has this beautiful aromatic apple smell and it tasted like a softer version of a real apple slice. I like it that it is not too sweet and the lingering fruity aroma in the mouth made me feel as if I am walking in an apple orchard.
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Using the Konjac-Kasho PREMIUM Low-Calorie Konjac Noodle ($3.99, 120g) and Okutoneshizen Saien Kawaii Delicious Sakura Miso ($7.90, 600g), I have also made myself a simple, low calorie and gluten free lunch.
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As the Konjac Noodle are handmade made from pure konnyaku, it has a nice textural bite to it. As the noodle is intentional made with a slightly rougher noodle surface as compare to the Shirataki and existing konjac noodles, it helped to soak up more of the miso gravy that I have made. Hence making it quite shiok to have as I really enjoyed the pleasantly chewy texture.
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For those who really missed Japan, don’t forget to hop over to to check out the selection of Japanese produces from Numata City which include the above products as well as rice, sweet potato and tomato juice.
Oh yes not forgetting the beautiful Lacquer Premium Display Tableware. I really hope to visit Numata City once travelling is resume so that I can visit its famous river terrace and beautiful nature scenery and to go apple picking. So meanwhile, let me go shop for more of these yummy products from Numata City on Qoo10 now.

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