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Facial at Annabelle Skin using NOREL Dr. Wilsz products

Facial is a very big part of my beauty regime. On an average, I would visit a beauty salon once a month to have a facial done. But what is considered a good facial for me? Allow me to share more with you about my facial at Annabelle Skin using the skincare products from NOREL Dr. Wilsz as I reveal what is a good facial imho.
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Located at The Adelphi level 2, Annabelle Skin is established in 1994 and have been raved by many bloggers for their customised treatment to suit each individual. If you are wondering where is The Adelphi, it is situated in between Funan Centre and The National Gallery.
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After a skin analysis to assess my skin condition, I was brought to the treatment room. While the treatment room looks just like any other treatment room, I like that Annabelle Skin has provided warm blanket on the treatment bed. Not only does it make me feel really relaxed, the warm blanket is great to improve blood circulation and reduce body aches.
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After removing my face of any traces of makeup, a gentle washing foam was applied to my skin to double cleanse before NOREL Dr. Wilsz 25% phytic acid was put onto my face to leave on with a film wrap. The phytic acid is great for those with sensitive skin to provide the skin with a gentle exfoliation to restore the natural radiance of skin.
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Next up is what I like the best, facial massage time with 10% Vitamin C Brightening serum, 5% Retinol H10 Rejuvenating serum and Face Rejuve massage serum from NOREL Dr. Wilsz. While the facial massage was a pure blissful enjoyment, I like that my skin is also being pampered with the goodness from both the serums. Not only will the recovery of my damaged epidermis accelerates, the serums helps to reduce uneven skin tone, fine lines and also soften the skin without leaving it feeling greasy like some other massage cream will do. Did I mentioned that the facial treatment is inclusive of the face, neck and neckline?
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After the super relaxing facial massage, NOREL Dr. Wilsz Nourishing Vitamin mask was applied onto my face before the beautician applies the Face Rejuve peel-o algae mask. To be honest, I can’t believe that this mask was simply made for my skin. Not only did it help to reduce redness and lighten the skin tone, my skin felt deeply hydrated after the mask was removed. Oh yes, I almost forgot about the extraction. This is something that I am super impressed with. With wrong usage of skincare products in the past, I have gotten some milia seeds growing on my face and the beautician at Annabelle Skin helped to remove them FREE OF CHARGE during the facial treatment.

Will I revisit Annabelle Skin for NOREL Dr. Wilsz’ Renew Extreme Multi Vitamin Brightening Treatment?

Yes, I would. I like the fact that there are no additional charges for milia seeds removal and Annabelle Skin uses NOREL Dr. Wilsz products which is very gentle to my skin yet I can see the effects of having a more hydrated and lifted skin. The fact that the treatment is based on the triple potency of Phytic Acid, Retinol and Vitamin C and is great for people with mature yet sensitive skin (after the age of 35) and a hectic lifestyle is already a winner. I mean most Singaporeans are leading a highly stressful life isn’t it? So if a facial treatment made you relaxed while giving you a better complexion, why not? Not to mention that the treatment restores and rejuvenates the skin with a chock full of vitamins to pamper the skin and improve the skin texture to reveal that luminous and radiant complexion which everyone is lusting for. So much so that I have also brought home 2 products – Retinol H10 Triple Active Rejuvenating Cream and Retinol & Vitamin C Rejuvenating Serum. Yes, Home care is as important as our monthly facial and I like that these 2 products from NOREL Dr. Wilsz are lightweight yet potent enough to let me feel my skin texture improving as I continue using them.

Annabelle Skin
1 Coleman Street, #02-25/42, The Adelphi City Hall, Singapore 179803
Tel: +65 6336 8975
Operating Hours: Mon – Fri 11.30 am to 8.30 pm
Saturday: 10 am to 5 pm
Closed on Sunday and Public Holidays

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