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NIVEA Skin Delight – Loving ourselves start from skin deep

I am a believer that there is no other better way to love ourselves than to take care of our body. And our skin being our biggest organ, how can we neglect it? As such, I am always on the lookout for a good body moisturiser. Don’t we all hate that sticky feeling after we apply body lotion? And yet we always worry that those body lotions that are not so sticky are not moisturising enough? What a contradiction!<!

Nivea Skin Delight-3
I am so happy that NIVEA has recently launched Skin Delight Oil in Body Milk! What’s so unique about the range is that it blends the benefit of caring oils and nutrient-rich milk into a pampering, non sticky formula that locks in moisture in the skin. NIVEA also answered my prayers and added in two sensual floral scents (Rose & Lavander) to make body lotion application a lot more relaxing.
Currently, it is available in two floral scents; Glowing Rose & Relaxing Lavender. I love both the scents and I usually use the rose variant every morning after shower.
One of my ways to make sure that the scent lasts longer is to layer it by using a rose scented shower gel.
Nivea Skin Delight-4
After a long day outside, coming home for a hot shower or bath soak using some lavender shower/salt can be very relaxing. How I make my little after work relaxation a more lasting one is to indulgein NIVEA Relaxing Lavender body milk. This makes me feel calm and “stripped” away the stresses i faced during the day.
As I age, I realise that my skin is not as smooth and hydrated as before. Hence, I would also apply a more generous dollop of the body milk to areas like my neck, legs and hands to keep them silky soft. Not to worry about applying too much of the body milk as it absorbs pretty quickly onto the skin.
nivea 1
Seriously loving how Skin Delight body moisturisers because it pampers my skin without any overwhelming scent. The non-sticky formula allows me to nourish my skin without any worry! Have you tried NIVEA floral-scented Skin Delight? Do share with me which is your favourite scent and how do you find it. =)

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