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Close & personal with ‘World’s Best Mentalist’ Nicolai Friedrich

Like most other people, I have always spend much of my time trying to look for loopholes in magic shows. I guess it is a human nature to be curious and I am even more eager to do so for Nicholai Friedriech who is with an internationally acclaimed of World’s Best Mentalist.
Nicolai Friedrich Profile 3
In his first act, Nicholai began with a simple rope trick. He threw a rope to the audience and asked for the rope to be thoroughly checked. When he got the rope back he magically performed a trick where by both ends of the rope disappeared and subsequently appeared again. But this time round with more ends than the original rope. This has garnered some giggles from the crowd and I couldn’t wait to see the rest of his performance.
Nicolai Friedrich On Stage 1
His second trick was about reading the minds of people. The crowd’s interest was piqued at this point, with all eyes and attention fixed to him. Three participants was randomly picked and through some miracle, he did it! I will skip the details to avoid spoiling the fun. He peppered his tricks with lots of jokes that we all could easily relate to and laughed hard. I specially liked the way he carried out his performances, where he injected well thought out and subtle humorous nuances.
Nicolai Friedrich On Stage 2
As a country with many of us having special interest in gambling, the audience became engrossed when he correctly guessed the toto numbers for that night! HOW DID HE DO IT? I was dumbfounded like everybody else. Beyond its magic show value, this was a well concerted story telling session with each act seamlessly linking to another chronologically.
Nicolai Friedrich On Stage 4
It was also not the tricks per se that made the show a success, rather it was how Nicholai executed them out and made the audience involved in each of his act, offering twists, surprises and humour. Nicholai performed the rest of his tricks that night, with each one much more interesting and funnier than the previous one. He ended the show with a trick which involved a dialogue with iphone “Siri”, which i thought was incredibly adorable and we all got stitches walking back. Nicholai’s magic show was in every aspect entertaining and very worthy of its price. As much as I have repeated myself already, we were not only surprised by the tricks that he performed but were also entertained by his skilled comedian skills. It was such a pity that the show was only up for a night. Don’t miss Nicolai Friedrich’s performance the next time he is here. It was definitely an eye opening night for me.

Written by Kelvin Dao, Engineer by Day, Photographer by Night. For pictorial opportunities please contact him at

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