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MERO Skin SHR underarm hair removal

I love wearing sleeveless tops and dresses but it is always a concern to make sure that my armpits are free from those annoying little fine hair as it really looks very socially unacceptable. Hence, I have been thinking about going to do ILP for my underarm area for the longest time.
However, I have heard a lot about IPL works better with dark and coarse hair. Hence, I have been hesitating. But when I heard about SHR (Super Hair Removal), the latest hair removal technology, I have decided to give it a try.
What so unique about SHR hair removal is that it is a technology that combines Laser and IPL and it is suitable even for people with finer hair or darker skin tone.

I did mine at MERO Skin which is located at International Plaza in Tanjong Pagar level 3 which is super near to my office! The lazy me just need to walk over to do my treatment, so convenient!

After filling up a form on my details, I was brought to the treatment room to change into a tube dress to facilitate the treatment.

After cleaning my underarms, my eyes were covered with eye goggles to protect my eyes from the burst of light from the SHR machine. To be honest, the SHR treatment was fast and totally painless. It took less than 5 minutes for both underarm to be done and I can walk out of the beauty salon.
With every treatment, I find the unsightly hairs getting finer and lesser. After 6 treatments (1 treatment every 2 weeks), my underarms are smooth and there is no longer any need to shave or to use an elpilator to remove any hair. This is definitely a treatment that I would recommend to anyone who wants to have smooth and clean underarms without any worries of unsightly hair. The treatment can be done during lunch hour as it is really fast in fast out. MERO Skin is now having a promotion for the first time customer to try the SHR underarm hair removal @ $22. Do check it out if you are interested.

10 Anson Road, International Plaza #03-34/35, Singapore 079903
Tel: +65 6223 4135
Operating Hours: 11am to 9pm Mon ~ Fri
10am ~ 6pm Sat
Closed on Sunday & Public Holidays

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