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Media Invite: Trapped Escape Room Singapore

School holidays are almost coming to an end! Are you like many who did not know where to go and yet want to spend some fun time with your friends? Good news for you as Trapped Escape Room is having a promotion for all students below 21 years old! So what is Trapped Escape Room?

In a nut shell, Trapped Escape Room comprises themed rooms where groups of players have fun solving mysteries to uncover clues to exit the rooms. There are currently 2 outlets and the one at Kampung Glam is just a few shops away from the Rich & Good Cake Shop. There is no prominent signage displayed outside, so do look out for this frontage!
Besides an array of posters displayed once you entered Trapped Escape Room, there are lockers for you to keep your belongings. When I said belongings, it includes our precious mobile phones. The idea behind this is to allow players to spend quality time together without the distractions from our mobile gadgets.
Like all games, there are some rules that you might wish to read before you start.

We chose the Hansel and Gretel – witches gingerbread lair. I heard that such games can be quite scary at times. But not to be overly worried, there are no scare actors like those you met during Halloween horror night. To be frank, as I entered the room, everything is too cute for me to think that something scary is going to happen.

Credit: Elphin
So here is a picture before we start. The goal of the game is to solve the mysteries and find the exit within 1 hour. Before we started, the five of us were quite confident that we could escape within the stipulated time. 5 brains couldn’t be too bad right?
But we were wrong. Even when we searched for all the clues under every nooks and crannies, we failed. The consolation is that we were not the only ones. There are over 20,000 players who suffered the same fate as us. Do you think you and your friends can be that 17% to “survive” (find the exit before the stipulated time) this escape room? If yes, do give it a try!
Trapped Escape Room Singapore 
Kampung Glam Shop Houses 42 Kandahar Street Singapore 198896
Operating Hours: Mon ~ Thur 11am to 11pm
                 Fri ~ Sun  11am to 2am
Fee: Standard Price: $28/ pax
       Off Peak Hours (Weekdays before 6pm): $22/ pax
       Peak Hours (Weekdays 6pm onwards; public holidays and weekends): $24/ pax
       Student Rates (21 and below): $14.90/ pax
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