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Media Invite: Thai Boat Noodles @ Bedok Point

Recently I was invited to a tasting at Thai Boat Noodle together with many instagrammers and bloggers. Thai Boat Noodle is the brainchild of Thai-chinese Khun Aum who is inspired to bring her favourite street food in Thailand to Singapore.

Thai boat noodles
Homemade Lemongrass Tea ($3)
bedok point
Homemade Rosella Tea ($3)
Thai milk tea
Thai Milk Tea ($3.50)

Besides the usual soft drinks served at most F&B establishments, there are a variety of thai beverages (hot/ cold) serve here. Though Rosella tea tastes like ribena with an astringent aftertaste, it is my fav among the 3 beverages served for its health benefits.

Boat Noodles Dry ($1 per bowl)
Spicy Pork Noodles ($1)
Tom Yum Noodles ($1.50 per bowl)
Boat Noodle Soup ($1 per bowl)
One of the highlights of this restaurant is the boat noodle bowl that are selling at $1 to $1.50 per bowl. Amongst the 4 varieties, I like the boat noodle soup the most as the pork broth is not too salty and is more balanced. However as the noodles serve per bowl is about 1-2 mouthful, I would suggest to try all 4 of them. Well, food is very subjective. My taste might be different from yours. 😉
Tom Yam Fried Rice ($7.80)
This is one of the dishes that were well-liked by many around the table. While I like the very prominent tom yam flavor in this dish, I feel that it could be better if it is less mushy. However, for the price tagged, I feel that it is value for money.
Crispy Chicken Skin ($4.80)

This crispy chicken skin has won hearts around the table. Not only it is crispy and fragrant, it does not have a stale “chicken” smell. The crispy chicken skin here can easily beat many other crispy chicken skin I have eaten in Singapore. Thumbs up!

Thai Pandan Jelly with Coconut Milk ($5 for 4pcs)

Imagine nonya hoon kueh with crunchy water chestnut bits and tinge of pandan fragrance, this is how it tastes like.

Thai Fruity Yellow Green Bean Paste ($6.80 for 8 pcs)

I have always seen these selling on the streets of Bangkok but never once did I buy it as I do not know whether it is edible. lol. To my surprise, these colourful pretty “fruits” taste very much like our local ang ku kueh with green bean paste. Kinda interesting.

A big thank you to Thai Boat Noodles for the media invite, it was a great fun enjoying the food here and knowing more friends. Here is a peak of how what food bloggers and Igers do during media tasting. This is also the part I enjoyed the most as I could take pictures in awkward or silly positions without people judging. I have once saw it on a facebook update that media tasting with bloggers means getting the instagram perfect shot without caring whether the food turns cold or not. P.S: We do care how our food taste just that we care about the photo quality as well. 😉


Thai Boat Noodles

799 New Upper Changi Road
#02-32/34 Bedok Point
Singapore 467351
Tel: (+65) 6445 3392
Operating Hours: Mon~ Fri 11.30am to 10pm
Sat, Sun & PH 10.30am to 10pm
Last order: 9.30pm


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