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Masizzim Singapore at Somerset 313

MasizzimSingapore-21Riding on the Korean food trend, from the same guys behind chir chir, Masizzim (pronounced as ma-si-jjim) has recently arrived in Singapore at 313 Somerset. Besides serving different meat stews with 4 levels of spiciness to choose from, some of the signature items are DIY mixed grain rice balls and crispy Korean pancakes with unconventional fillings such as potato, tomato and cheese.Masizzim Rice BallsThere are two flavours to choose from for the Masizzim Rice Balls ($8),  Anchovy or Tuna flavour. After putting on a pair of plastic gloves, mix it and it is creative time to make your own rice balls. MasizzimSingapore-27While some may like it in the usual shape of a ball, others might attempt to make into many other shapes. I thought it was quite a fun time making the rice balls. Personally I like the anchovy ones better as the anchovy gives the rice balls a nice textual bite. It is also alot easier to shape them as it does not contain as much fluid as the tuna ones. However, with anchovy as one of the key ingredients, it might be a dish which is slightly on the salty side. MasizzimSingapore-16Good news for peeps who like to customise your own stews, the order of the meat stews come with simple customization. Choose from 3 types of meat stews (beef, pork and spicy chicken), pick from either soy or the 4 level of spiciness then select the type of noodles (Korean udon or glass noodles). Top up $2 for cheese, toppoki, or extra noodles and you can enjoy your pot of favourite meat stew. MasizzimSingapore-23We like how tender the Australian mixed pork ribs ($16 for individual portion, $29 for double portion) in soy flavour was with hints of sweetness from the house made masizzim sauce. Although the Korean udon looks similar to our “ki mee” aka yellow noodles, it tasted nothing like it. So no worries. MasizzimSingapore-20For the chicken stews ($16 for individual portion, $29 for double portion), we challenged ourselves with the level 4 spiciness. While my fellow dining partners enjoyed it, level 4 is a little too much for me. The spiciness is akin to the spiciness from chilli padi but the punch came in slowly. I think it is best to be enjoyed with a Sikhye Jar ($9.50), a traditional Korean beverage made from malted barley with korean rice beverage made in house. MasizzimSingapore-19My favourite stew among the 3 was the beef stew ($16 for individual portion, $29 for double portion) which we ordered with level 2 spiciness. I like how soft and flavourful the beef was and the level of spiciness was still manageable for me. Using the same in house masizzim sauce made from Korean pear and pineapple, there is a hint of sweetness which I enjoyed before the spicy punch kicks in. Together with a bowl of rice that comes with every meat stew, it was made a hearty meal to have.MasizzimSingapore-18Masizzim also has 3 types of Korean Pancakes to choose from, Squid & Leek ($14), Tomato Cheese Kimchi ($13) and Potato Pancake ($12). I like how perfectly cooked the squid was (overcooked squid tasted like rubber, yucks!) and together with the leek which has alot of healthy benefits, it made me feel as if I am having a very healthy pancake. MasizzimOne should not miss the Tomato Cheese Kimchi pancake as this is nothing like your usual Korean pancake. With crispy edges and stretching mozzarella cheese, it felt as if I am having a pizza. Instead of pepperoni, minced beef was in place for your protein intake. Yummmmm.. Mai tu liao, give me another slice of this Korean Italian “pizza”.
MasizzimSingapore-48Although Masizzim is new in the Singapore market, this is definitely going to create another wave for Korean cuisine with the quality of the food served. Especially on cold days, when a pot of meat stew can be really comforting to have. I could foresee queue snaking away at Somerset 313 just like how Chir Chir was when they were launched. I would really suggest grabbing a few friends to order a few dishes for sharing. The serving for the individual portion is relatively big. So don’t say I Bo Jio!

Masizzim Singapore
313 Somerset #B3-02 313 Orchard Rd Singapore 238895
Tel: +65 6509 5808
Operating Hours: 11am – 10pm (last order 9:30pm)
11am – 11pm (last order 10:30pm)
Masizzim Facebook

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