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20 Poses to take to make your Skywalk at Macao Tower a fruitful one!

Located just 1 hour ferry ride away from Hongkong, Macao is famous for being the Las Vegas of Asia. On the contrary to its reputation, Macao has more than just adult gaming to offer to the tourists! In fact, one of my best experiences in Macao was the Skywalk at Macao Tower!

Macao Skywalk (2 of 10)
At 223 metres above ground, tourists can get to experience a 360 degree panoramic view of Macao at the indoor observation lounge (level 58) or try the skywalking at level 61 adventure Deck. From Macao Peninsular to Taipa, Coloane and the city skyline of Pearl River Delta!
Macao Skywalk (3 of 10)
For those who are more daring, you can also choose to do the bungy jump ($3361 HKD, online booking)here. This is the world’s highest commercial bungy jump listed under the Guinness World of Records! Don’t play play wor.
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If that is too scary, you can go for the milder adventures; the skywalk ($788 HKD, online booking) or the tower climb ($1888 HKD, online booking).
Macao Skywalk (5 of 10)
As for me, skywalk is the maximum that I push my limits to challenging my fear of heights.
Macao Skywalk (6 of 10)
As we put on the harness, I could feel the fear slowly slipping in.
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But thank God, I have a group of fellow bloggers to do the walk with me. A piece of advice, either go there super early (they open at 10am) or go there later in the evening. The whole walk takes about half an hour depending on how fast you walk.
Macao Skywalk (7 of 10)
At the beginning of the walk, it might be fearful but just look far ahead. NEVER NEVER look down! Another tip to take good pics is close your eyes. Count to 3, open your eyes and give the best smile you ever have. Think of happy thoughts, I thought that helps too. If you have friends who are not doing the skywalk, you can get them to take pictures for you too!
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Mid-day can be very hot so if you don’t wanna get chao ta (sunburnt), avoid that timing. Try to bring a bottle of water or some loose change for you to buy a can of pocari sweat ($10 HKD) after the walk. Trust me, it is really shiok to have something cold after battling the hot sun!
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Wear shoes with laces. I guess the last thing you want is to lose your shoes 233 m above ground. Not to worry if you don’t have shoes with shoeslaces. You can always loan a pair.
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No worries about the photographs too. Although no cameras or handphones are allowed, there will be a guide to walk together with you as well as to take pictures. So here you go, 20 poses to take during the skywalk at Macao tower.
1. “Here you are”
Macao Skywalk (2 of 58)
2. “Let’s take a break”
Macao Skywalk (5 of 58)
3. “Dangling legs”
Macao Skywalk (6 of 58)
4. “Let’s be apart”
Macao Skywalk (7 of 58)
5. “Ballerina”
Macao Skywalk (8 of 58)
6. “Friends who sit together, stick together”
Macao Skywalk (1 of 2)
7. “Give me a big big hug”
Macao Skywalk (10 of 58)
8. “Let’s go for a jog”
Macao Skywalk (4 of 5)
Macao Skywalk (12 of 58)
9. “Let’s sit here till the sun set”
Macao Skywalk (2 of 2)
10. “Slide”
Macao Skywalk (33 of 58)
11. “Tiptoe”
Macao Skywalk (48 of 58)
12. “Almost falling off”
Macao Skywalk (47 of 58)
13. “Macao Tower”
Macao Skywalk (46 of 58)
14. “Yoga”
Macao Skywalk (53 of 58)
15. “Say Hi”
Macao Skywalk (49 of 58)
Macao Skywalk (51 of 58)
16. “Yo!”
Macao Skywalk (38 of 58)
17. “DO look back”
Macao Skywalk (2 of 5)
18. “My hair is messy”
Macao Skywalk (5 of 5)
19. “I have your back”
Macao Skywalk (3 of 5)
20. “Hang on tight”
Macao Skywalk (54 of 58)
Macao Skywalk (56 of 58)
Towards the end of the walk, I was finally having more courage to have fun with the walk. Without all the support that we rendered to each other, I don’t think the walk will be as fun. So the next time you are there in Macao, check out the skywalk or even do the bungy jump and enjoy the scenery. YOLO!

AJ Hackett Macau Tower Limited

Level T2 – Adventure Zone (level 61) – Macau Tower
Macau, SAR China
Tel: +852 2859 3146
+853 8988 8883
+853 8988 8656
Operating Hours:

September to June
11am – 7:30pm Mon – Thurs
11am – 10pm Fri
10am – 10pm Sat & Sun

July and August
10am – 10pm everyday

*Night jumping is available (6-7:30pm Monday & Thursday / 6-10pm Friday – Sunday)
**Groups of 3 and/or above should make a booking in advance.


This post is brought to you in partnership with Macao Tourism. Do check out their social media for more details on Macao.

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