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With this Chinese New Year falling on a Tuesday, I am sure a lot of people is planning for a trip out of Singapore to visit a friend or your family overseas, perhaps it is time for you to drop by Little Red Dot Gifts to pick a pressie for them.
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Located at both Paragon and Marina Mandarin Hotel, Little Red Dot Gifts is a new concept gift shop that brings together a curated range of unique items showcasing the different heritage and cultures in Asia.
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For tea lovers, you can find 1872 Clipper Tea Co and its range of tea here. If you are not familiar with this homegrown brand, 1872 Clipper Tea Co gets its name from the historic Clipper ships that carried in them the teas from around the world. The 1872 Clipper Tea blends are known for its quality, aroma and refined taste. I kid you not, I have tried their teas on many occasions and I love how aromatic they were even after several brews. Over at Little Red Dot Gifts, not only you find an intensive range of Black Tea, White tea, Green Tea, you can also find Oolong Tea and Pu’Er. And that is not all, for those who are more experiential with their choice of tea, you can get travel journal ($23, 16 sachets) which comes with 2 sachets of each flavour from their Essentials and Tropics range or the travel luggage ($28, 16 sachets) that comes with 2 sachets of each flavour from the Herbals and Blossoms and Essentials range for them to try out different teas for different occasions. Personally I like the Sip of Singapore ($29) which comprises 1 tin of Garden Tea and Orchid Tea. While the Garden Tea (pure Ceylon tea leaves with natural rose petals) is great to pair with cakes and cookies with the smooth floral sweetness, the Orchid Tea (full-bodied Ceylon black tea blends with Ceylon green tea, orchid petals and longan) is great to even make into a refreshing cold brew tea as a thirst quencher for a hot afternoon.
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If you are looking for a gift for your overseas friends, you will be spoilt for choices at Little Red Dot Gifts. From preserved orchids to Singapore inspired collectibles as well as scarfs, music box, handwoven bags and even essentials for any wine lovers. I kid you not, this is really like a one stop gifting destination from kids to adult.
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During my visit to Little Red Dot Gifts, I also got to find out that Singapore Botanic Garden has an extensive selection of items available!!! From chocolate bars ($9 each) to cookies and even teapot set and bags!!!! My fellow Singaporeans, do you know about this fun fact?
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For those with love for gold, don’t forget to check out another homegrown brand, RISIS, and its beautiful collection of gold and jewellery. I like the 24k gold plated orchid jewellery the most as they are handpicked from the best orchid flowers available before they are preserved by copper and lastly gold plated. Each piece is an art, uniquely on its own and none is similar to one another. So do keep a look out when you are at Little Red Dot Gifts. I liked it so much that I got one for myself too. Oh yes, did I mentioned that RISIS orchid necklace can be worn 5 ways?

Little Red Dot Gifts
290 Orchard Rd Paragon #4-04/05 Singapore 238859
Marina Mandarin Hotel
6 Raffles Blvd Marina Mandarin Hotel Level 4 #04-00 Singapore 039594
Tel: +65 6957 3899
Operating Hours: 10am to 9.30pm Daily


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