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If there is one thing that I can’t get enough of, that would be the view of Singapore skyline. Being the world’s highest urban microbrewery, LeVeL33 is definitely one of the best places to admire the views of the Marina Bay and City Skyline. While some might still remember the brewery as the restaurant that Gordon Ramsay has criticized about the Fish & Chips dish from the bar bite menu, LeVeL33 actually has more to offer! Especially when the restaurant has recently introduced their new chef, Chef ArChan Chan with a newly revamped menu.
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With years of experiences working in Australia, female HK-born chef, Archan together with sous chef Maksym has revamped almost the whole menu with a touch of Modern European. The new menu has also incorporated elements from all stages of beer brewing – from the beer liquors to the by-products such as the protein-rich spent grain.
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While one can enjoy a good range of beer at LeVeL33, Blond Lager, English-style India Pale Ale, Stout, and Porter, LeVeL33 also introduced seasonal beer from time to time. Oaked Bock Beer is currently on tap if you are looking for something with a nice chocolatey finish. Beer Tasting Paddle ($23.33) is a good choice if you are looking at tasting 100ml each of their 5 different craft beers. My fave was the Blonde Lager as it was light and subtly floral.
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As a bread person, I appreciate any good bread. Made with warm beer malt and paired with yeast beer butter, the bread at LeVeL33 is definitely not to be missed! But do save your tummy and not over indulge in this perfectly made sourdough bread with a nice crusty shell and soft fluffy innards.
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What I really like about the revamped menu at LeVeL33 is Chef Archan Chan has included vegetarian options! Oh yes and vegetarian option doesn’t mean that it is going to be bland and boring! The Tomato Consommé ($22) was served chilled with heirloom and vine-ripened cherry tomatoes, olive oil caviar, and nasturtium. The natural sweetness of the tomatoes with hints of acidity was definitely a good way to start the delicious meal ahead!
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Kingfish Sashimi ($26) was beautifully executed with heaps of techniques on a plate. Simple as it might look, the kingfish was cured with lager, kombu and soy for at least 6 hours to give it that beautiful taste from the sea. Served with pickled cucumber, nori & spent grain sand, marinated tapioca sago, housemade tapioca sago chips, cucumber juice and seaweed oil and fresh dill, one can taste different layers of flavours and textures in this dish!
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Hokkaido Scallop ($24) has won the hearts of everyone around the table. The wheat beer dashi was flavoursome and paired well with the sashimi-grade and sustainably sourced Hokkaido Scallop! Trust me, this is one dish that you really DON’T WANT TO SHARE!
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Quail ($27) is one dish that you will often not see on the menu due to the great care involved to make sure that it is overcooked! The grilled quail at LeVeL33 was in fact made to impress! The free range French quail was marinated overnight with lemongrass, ginger, soy sauce, LeVeL33’s stout and chilli before it was grilled and glazed with a glaze that was made in-house with stout, honey and quail jus. Served with grapes, sour carrots, garlic chive flowers, and stout glaze, the quail was soft, tender, juicy and oozing with flavours! Give me more of these, please!
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Seabass ($36) was served with beer malt risotto, daikon and classic beurre blanc with dill oil. I like how the locally sourced fish is pan seared till skin was crispy while the meat was just cooked. Risotto was made differently here as Chef ArChan Chan used malted barley which was an ingredient found in beer-making instead of the usual arborio short grain rice. Malt puffs were also added to give the dish more texture.
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With Chef ArChan Chan onboard, one can find some of the dishes true to her chinese roots here at LeVeL33. Garden Greens Tart ($29) which was vegan friendly and gluten free was her take on Yam Ring. Seriously, I don’t mind having it every week! The taro tart ring was buttery, crumbly and filled with seasonal vegetables like fresh peas, peas puree, grilled flowering garlic chives, fresh zucchinis, crunchy zucchinis, fresh herbs, topped with shaved macadamia nuts, pickled carrots, pea shoots and nasturtium flowers. Gosh, the layers of flavours were literally bursting from this dish. Although this is a dish with special attention to people with dietary preferences, the dish has also gained an amicable approval with my fellow diners.
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This is perhaps the one and only time that I have seen Qing Long Cai aka Chinese Chives in a western restaurant. BUT I would definitely order this again when I visit LeVeL33! The vegetable has surprised us with this beautiful note of smokiness yet retaining that crunch of a well cooked vegetable dish should have.
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The Iberico pork for Pork Intercostal ($37) was marinated with LeVeL33’s IPA, sous vide and pan-seared till the sides were crispy before it was served with smoked lardo, pickled pearl onion with pickled mustard seeds, clams, caramelised green apple puree and Granny Smith apples.
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Truffle Ravioli ($32) was made with the filling of ricotta, truffle pasta, walnuts and parsley is enrobed in handmade semolina pasta. The touch of adding freshly sliced nashi pears was brilliant! It added an extra crunch to the dish while giving it some natural sweetness to balance the gruyère sauce made with gruyère cheese, shallots, pear, bay leaf and coriander seeds.
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Please please do not leave LeVeL33 without trying the dessert!!! While it is not usual to find honey cake, the Layered Honey Cake ($15) was not too sweet as compared to other renditions elsewhere. The beer areated honeycomb was super addictive and I wish that more was served! Topped with house made sour cream icecream, lemon balm and housemade fermented kumquat, this is a delightful dessert to end the meal on a sweet note.
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If your tummy allows, try the Malt & Stout Parfait ($12) too. While one might mistaken this as chocolate profiteroles, this is actually choux puffs topped with oat and coffee crumble and filled with a malt and stout parfait filling. I like the coffee element in this dessert which made the coffee lover in me leaped with joy while the malt and stout appealed to my inner alcohol loving twin.
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With gorgeous views and newly revamped menu from Chef ArChan Chan, isn’t this the perfect excuse to book a table and let your hair down at LeVeL33 if it has been a while since your last visit?

8 Marina Boulevard #33-01 Marina Bay Financial Centre Tower 1 Singapore 018981
Tel: +65 6834 3133
Email: reservations@level33.com.sg
Operating Hours: 11:30am – 12am (Mon – Thurs)
11:30am – 2am (Fri – Sat)
12pm – 12am (Sun)



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