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One of the common topics among my friends now is always about what is the most scary thing about ageing. To be honest, I am not scare of ageing but I am worried about the signs of ageing which happen not just on our skin but also on our scalp. Hence, I have been going to Leonica K Trichology to prevent hair loss as well as to repair my awfully dry and brittle hair.
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Located at Palais Renaissance level 3, Leonica K Trichology has more 20 years of expertise to help people with their hair and scalp issues with tried-and-proven trichological systems. There are a variety of treatments available depending on one’s scalp condition:

Hair and Repair Restoration – Constant exposure to the harshness of the weather and our environment or repeated chemical processing leaves our hair dry, dull, frizzy and brittle.

Female Hair Loss – An often distressing problem, there are many factors causing hair loss in women, which can range from dietary habits to hormonal changes.

Male Pattern Hair Loss – The cause of male pattern hair loss is generally genetic, but may also be attributed to stress or symptomatic of other conditions.

Alopecia Areata(Spot Baldness) – An autoimmune disorder in which hair is lost from the scalp in patches.

Stress-induced hair loss – It can be physical stress as a result of illness or injury. It can also be psychological and emotion stress due to work, relationship and lifestyle changes such as relocation and studying overseas.

Scalp Disorders – The skin on the scalp is extremely sensitive and prone to various problems, such as dandruff, itchiness and inflammation, to more severe cases of seborrheic dermatitis and psoriasis. Eczema skin type is suitable too.

Post-Partum Hair Loss – More than 50% of women experience hair loss after delivery due to hormonal changes, sometimes aggravated by the stress of motherhood.
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During my first visit to Leonica K Trichology, Leonica Kei, the founder as well as the principal trichologist, attended to me personally during the consultation. Mind you, Leonica is a very hands on person. So I see her very often on my repeated visits. Not only is Leonica a warm and sincere person, she is knowledgeable and made me feel at ease during the consultation. A bit of background on Leonica, she was a graduate of the Institute of Trichologists (UK) in 1994 and has since helped many people from the age of 8 to over 70 years old to solve their hair and scalp concerns.
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During my consultation, I was informed that I have a mild receding hairline. But this can be solved with regular visit to Leonica K Trichology to have my scalp treatment done. We started with a scalp mask that is formulated in house by Leonica with active ingredients to nourish the hair roots and support optimum follicle function.
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After which, there is a head massagedto distribute the product more evenly before a steamer is used to allow the product to have a deeper penetration and absorption. The massage part is one of my favourite part of the treatment as it allows me to totally relax with the minty yet not overwhelming sensation slowly set in.
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As each of the treatment is customised according to individual, I have rather fine hair with a not too optimum hair density. Hence, I was also put under a infrared light machine to detox the scalp as well as to improve blood circulation and increase hair density.
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After sitting down for a while, it is finally my favorite part of the treatment. The hair wash is very therapeutic and it was so comfortable that there are many a time that I found myself almost falling asleep.
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After the hair wash, a laser therapy helmet lined with light-emitting diodes was placed on my head to further stimulated hair growth. All in all, with a hair blow, the treatment takes about 2 hours and it is advised to do it at least once a week, hand in hand together with home care.
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Oh yes, Leonica K Trichology has a good selection of hair care products as well as body wash, hand wash and hand sanitiser to suit different needs. Pets and kids are not forgetten here too. There is even a dog shampoo and a swim protect treatment to protect your hair before your swim. I have tried the shampoo and the conditioner and I really like it. Usually after my hair wash, while I was blowing my hair, I was have heaps of hair entangled. But with the conditioner from Leonica K Trichology, my hair looks and feel so much soft. The best part is I do not experience those slippery feeling when I was rinsing it off. In fact, a little goes a long way as Leonica uses essential oils and natural ingredients to repair hair structure and leaving my hair with very lovely moisturising effect. So much so that my hair stylist, Ryan, has been commenting that my hair texture has improved since my last visit to him months ago.
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With Xmas just around the corner, Leonica K Trichology has rolled out some really value for money Christmas gift sets with products that are specially hand-blended in house for you to pamper yourself as well as your loved ones. Do remember to check them out. Good haircare are hard to come by especially when we are given a lot of choices now. But I highly recommended the ones at Leonica K Trichology and I have tried them and now there is no turning back to normal haircare as I can feel the differences on my hair.
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Thank you Leonica and team for taking care of my crown of glory. If you value your hair and would like to seek advise from a professional trichologist, Leonica is definitely the person to go too. I have always walk out of Leonica K Trichology feeling pretty and relaxed. Over times, I can really see my hair texture improved (softer and smoother) and I have spotted baby hair growing along my hairline after 2 months of treatments! Do try to schedule an appointment with Leonica because she really knows her stuff very well!

Leonica K Trichology
390 Orchard Road, Palais Renaissance #03-08, Singapore 238871
Tel: +65 6834 0988
Operating Hours: Mon – Sat 10.00 am to 7.30 pm
Sun 11.00 am to 6.30 pm (Closed on alternate Sundays)


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