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Kuhlbarra x Unlisted Collection Collaboration – Barramundi never taste better than now

I love the food scene in Singapore as it is like a melting pot of all kinds of cuisines that you can possibly find around the world. But my only regret is being on a small island, our produces are usually not as fresh as compared to countries like Australia. However, I was so so wrong! Kühlbarra, Singapore’s first sustainable barramundi farm, changed my mind. Best part is from now till 31 August, 4 talented chefs from Unlisted Collection (Cheek by Jowl, Pollen, Salted & Hung, The Market Grill) will be whipping up their very own Kühlbarra barramundi creations at their respective restaurants!

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On a beautiful weekday morning, we sailed out to Kuhlbarra Barramundi Fish Farm which is located at the southern coast of Singapore. The journey to the fish farm was about half an hour boat ride from Republic of Singapore Yacht Club but the sight of the sea water turning from muddy green to pristine light emerald green was definitely a welcoming view.
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During that half an hour, we got to learn more about how Kühlbarra’s Barramundi which are reared in some of the cleanest deep sea waters close to our island (instead of fresh water which give the fishes a muddy taste) helps the fish to have sweeter and cleaner taste. On top of that, the water conditions are checked every 10 minutes to ensure a good quality of the water in and around the fish farm.
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In fact the sea water was so clean that I have tasted some of the biggest and most delicious sea grapes aka green caviar seaweed in my life that are growing at Kuhlbarra Fish Farm. But too bad for you guys, these are not for sale.
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It is also good to know that Kuhlbarra Barramundi Fish Farm do not use any hormones or antibiotics to encourage the growth of the barramundi. Instead the barramundi fishes are fed with a high quality pellets and ensured that toxins are kept out of their diets. In fact, in order to encourage the barramundi to feed in the environment closest to their nature habitat, the pellets are dispersed onto the water by mimicking the movement of whitebait during feeding.
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On top of that, there are divers who dive into the sea on a daily basis to check on the fish net to ensure no breakage. Tough job, guys!
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We were very blessed to see how the barramundi fishes were harvest. Immediately after they were harvested from the fish net, they were put into a huge ice tank to gently put them into sleep and ensure the freshness of the fishes.
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Before we head back to the shore, we had the chance to carry the newly harvested barramundi, I swear that they are as heavy as a bag of rice! Nevertheless, it was an eye opening experience to go right down to the source to see how my food is being reared and harvested before they go into my tummy. A huge sense of appreciation grew as I learnt more about the barramundi at Kuhlbarra.
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From now till 31 August, Kühlbarra’s barramundi will be prepared in four different ways at restaurants under the Unlisted Collection. I have personally tried 2 versions. My first stop was Market Grill at Telok Ayer where Chef Kenneth Lin prepared Grilled Barramundi with Tomato Chickpea Compote ($36). I like how sweet, juicy and moist the barramundi is. Oh yes, that hint of smokiness in that slab of barramundi was heavenly! Chef Kenneth also prepared a lovely fennel salad to allow some acidity to cut through those omega-3 richness.
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Next stop was at Cheek by Jowl at Boon Tat Street where Chef Rishi prepared Pan-fried Barramundi with prawn bisque and charred lettuce ($34). This is a dish that unanimously gotten the approval of my fellow diners for having a great balance. I like how skin was nice and crispy and gave the dish a different layer of textural bite.
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After hopping to 2 restaurants under Kuhlbarra x Unlisted Collection Collaboration, I was already totally impressed with how delicious the barramundi can taste. Seriously, can’t imagine how much I could fall in love with this fish. As the barramundi that I have tasted in the past all came with a muddy taste which I totally hate! Big Big yes to sweet and clean tasting Barramundi! Can’t wait to check out Pollen at Flower Dome (Garden by the Bay) where Chef Steve Allen has whipped up a beautifully plated Cured Barramundi, Watermelon, and Avocado [available in a three- ($55) or five-course set lunch ($85)] and over at Salted & Hung (Purvis Street) where Chef Drew Nocente presents the rich Barramundi, Clams, Prawn Stock, and Kelp Oil ($36).
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Yes, despite being a Singapore based barramundi farm, Kuhlbarra is one of the top 5 distributor of barramundi around the world and has gained recognition from many well known chefs. With the barramundi produce in Australia, rear in Singapore and an unbroken cold chain to deliver the barramundi within 48 hours, I can understand why chefs around the world rave about the quality at Kuhlbarra. You can order these lovely tasting Barramundi and cook like a chef at the comfort of your home without going to the fish market by logging on to Kuhlbarra.com too. Enter “Kuh10” and get $10 off your purchase when you spend a minimum of $60. Good things are meant to be shared. Don’t say I bo Jio.

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