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Brewing kombucha at the convenience of your house

Many people have been asking my about brewing kombucha at home ever since I started posting part of the process on my instagram stories. Hence, I have decided to share more about making kombucha at home.

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So what is kombucha?
Kombucha in short is fermented tea and one can either brew kombucha from black tea or green tea depending on the scoby that you are getting. Besides getting a good dose of natural probiotics in kombucha, it is believed that drinking kombucha can improve digestion, gut health as well as to strengthen the immune system. To start the brewing process, one needed cane sugar as well as some tea. You can either make the tea from tea bags (4 to 6) or loose tea leaves (2 tablespoon).
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Another important item to get before you start brewing kombucha is to get a water filter flask as the chlorine that exists in our tap water could kill the good bacteria that is need for the fermentation of the kombucha.
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Oh yes, do remember to use purified water to make the tea too. After you are done brewing the tea for the kombucha, pour in the cane sugar (3/4 t0 1 cup) to make it into a sweet tea which acts as the base of the kombucha brewing process.
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You can also prepare the glass jar by spraying white vinegar on the inner side of the jar to ensure an appropriately acidic environment. Remember to let the sweet tea mixture cool down to room temperature before you add it into the glass jar with the 4 quarts of purified/ filtered water.
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Then you can pour in the scoby (aka Kombucha Tea Starter Culture) together with the tea starter. This is an important step as the scoby is a living colony of bacteria and yeast so make sure that the mixture is completely cooled down before you add in the scoby. If not, you might risk killing the scoby and contaminated the kombucha. Then you have to throw away everything away as the contaminated kombucha might cause more harm than good.. =(
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Once this done, you can proceed to the final step whereby you cover the glass jar with a paper towel or a tight weaved cloth and a rubber band. Do remember to keep the glass jar in a cool and dry place and sit undisturbed out of direct sunlight for 7 days or more. The longer the kombucha ferments, the less sweet and more vinegary it will taste. You can start tasting it from 7 days onwards, if you like the level of acidity in the kombucha, you can then bottle them into glass bottles and flavour them according to your preference. My personal experience was lavender, ginger and even ginseng taste really good while floral kombucha such as osmanthus and rose are quite an acquired taste. Oh yes, do remember to retain the SCOBY as well as enough kombucha to use as starter tea for the next batch.

Here is also a step by step short video on how to brew kombucha at home. Do remember to subscribe my youtube channel if you like what you see.

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