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Choux pastry or Shuu?

As a dessert lover (yes, I know that too much sugar is not good for health but who can resist dessert, right?), I am always on the lookout for delicious dessert, especially if I saw a good review online! Hence, I made my way down to KOKI Tamagoyaki at Raffles City Basement 1 to check out their choux pastry.

KOKI Tamagoyaki used to be a pop up selling delicious Japanese grilled eggs aka Tamagoyaki in 4 flavours (Flame-grilled octopus, Shoyu glazed unagi, Tonkatsu, as well as Teriyaki Chicken). The tamagoyaki was so well received that they decided to get a permanent place at Raffles City basement 1. Prior to this, you might have seen them around at Food Fair at Takashimaya Food Hall and several pop ups elsewhere.
With a permanent space and a new pastry chef who was formerly from Capella & Plentyfull, it also allows KOKI Tamagoyaki to conjure more items. Hence, KOKI Tamagoyaki’s choux pastry is launched!
Currently, there are 4 flavours for the choux pastry – Black Sesame, Matcha, Bourdon Vanilla and Coffee, and they are selling at $4.30 each. If you are around the area between 2 to 5pm, don’t forget to grab their tea time promotion of 3 for $12 and 4 for $15. Good news is you can choose from the 4 flavours.
I was there at about 5pm and almost all of the black sesame is sold out. Hence, I quickly ordered the last piece in the display shelf. But being Singaporean, I am kiasu la. I ordered the matcha and coffee as well to make up for the tea time promotion. hahaha. Please don’t call me auntie, ok!
The first pastry that we tried is the black sesame one. Although, the filling doesn’t have that prominent black/ greyish colour, omg the aroma of the black sesame was very distinctive! I also enjoyed the contrast in texture from the crispy croquet top, slightly chewy choux pastry and the smooth creamy filling!
The pastry chef shared that she had used a technique which is a hybrid between the Japanese and French choux pastry making. Hence the overall taste is not as heavy or sweet as compared to its counterpart. Personally, I prefer my matcha dessert to have that slightly more bitter matcha taste. While the ones at KOKI Tamagoyaki is not bitter, it has a distinguishing matcha taste that most matcha lovers would be delighted to have.
The filling for the Coffee Choux pastry is aromatic and reminded me of instant coffee (in a good way). If you have the luxury to enjoy it with a coffee or tea, please do so. Between the both of us,  Elphin and myself, we had these 3 pastries with coffee and it was like one of the best tea time pairing while we catch up with each other lives. I really enjoyed the fact that none of the 3 pastries that we ordered were too sweet or too jelut after eating ALL 3 of them. Did I also mention that the choux pastries are made fresh everyday?
Among the 3 that I had, it is really hard to choose which is my most favourite but I am quite sure that Chewy Junior who is just beside KOKI Tamagoyaki, has a very strong competitor! At $4.30 per choux pastry, it is definitely not the cheapest in town. But I am quite sure it is one of the better ones around! Maybe the next time, I am around the area I should try the tamagoyaki as well. They look so good and afterall this is what they are famous for. Oh ya, there is no seating hor, so best to dabao (take away) and find a nice seating area to enjoy it.

KOKI Tamagoyaki
252 North Bridge Road #B1-54 Raffles City Singapore 179103

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