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Kam’s Roast High Tea Highlights

Recently, I attended a high tea session at Kam’s Roast, Pacific Plaza where I ordered a high tea set which cost $18.80++. The set consisted of a portion of “Toro” Char Siu, BBQ Char Siu, Crispy Roast Pork, Roast Duck, Braised Noodles with Ginger & Scallion, Marinated Cucumber with Vinegar and Garlic, Red Bean Soup with “12 years old” Aged Orange Peel all of which were accompanied with Chinese tea. Here were some of the highlights of the meal –

char siu
Marinated Cucumber: It was the first dish I tried. Sour and salty, the flavour combination worked well to warm up my appetite.
BBQ Char Siu: The Char Siu was alright, firm and slightly sweet.
roasted pork
Crispy Roast Pork: Meaty and hydrated with no traces of fat, the pork was moist unlike some places where it is often tastes hard and dried.
toro char siu
“Toro” Char Siu: I was taken by surprised when I tried the “Toro” Char Siu. Initially, the meat tasted sweet and extremely fatty, as though more than half of the Char Siu was made up of fat. However, as I continued to chew the meat, the fat exploded with flavours and dissolved almost immediately in my mouth. Though sinful, the Char Siu was delicious and I could not resist taking another bite.
Braised Noddles with Ginger & Scallion
Braised Noodles with Ginger and Scallions: The braised noodles were pretty standard.
half duck
Roast Duck: The duck meat was firm with barely any fat. With strong-tasting duck flavours, the roast dark tastes a fair bit better than those that you find at a good hawker centre stall.
cured meat
Cured Mixed Sausages: The dish comprised of Cured Goose Liver Sausages and Lean Pork Sausages.
Hot Chinese Tea: Throughout the meal, the tea was a good palate cleanser which helped to wash down the oiliness of the dishes. Plain and light, it added a nice touch to the meal.
Red Bean Soup with “12 years old” Aged Orange Peel: Once I was done with all the dishes, I had a taste of the famous dessert and was certainly not disappointed. The red bean soup was sweet and did well to warm up my belly. The well preserved orange peel added some tang and flavours to the soup. Despite being full, I was craving for one more bowl after I was done with the soup.
roasted meat
For those who come in a group of 4-6 pax, I recommend that you order the separate plates as it will be more worth it and convenient to share among the group.
All in all I enjoyed the high tea and found it to be very good. Though I must say that its a little pricy, the lovely ambiance of the restaurant accompanied with the excellence of the “Toro” Char Siu and dessert made the meal worthwhile. I will definitely come back another day when I crave for their Hong Kong styled Roast Meat and the must-try Red Bean Soup.

From 28th Feb to 31st Mar 2017, Kam’s Roast will be giving out $100 vouchers for every 100th customer irregardless of the amount on the bill. So quick dine on at Kam’s Roast. =)

Written by Kelvin Dao @kd.food, Engineer by Day, Photographer by Night. For pictorial opportunities please contact him at daokelvin@gmail.com

Kam’s Roast
Pacific Plaza 9 Scotts Road #01-04/05/06/07 Singapore 228210
Tel: + 65 6836 7788
Operating Hours: 11am ~ 10pm (Mon to Fri)
10am to 10pm (Sat, Sun; Public Holiday)

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