Jb food hunt part 1 ~ Kam Long Restaurant 金龙咖喱鱼头

As Chinese New Year is approaching, together with Shannen, Kris and Jason, we have decided to brave the long traffic queue to JB to enjoy some good food and do a little bit of CNY shopping. We were seriously very blessed as even though there was a queue halfway across the causeway, it was rather fast moving and we were in jb within half an hour.

Jason as the tour guide of the day brought us to this fish head curry restaurant that is located along the main road of Jalan wong ah fook near JB custom. Simply turn left and walk from the main road where City Square’s MacDonald  is. All within 10 mins walk.


This store is relatively easy to locate with the unceasing long queue forming outside the restaurant. Once you spotted the queue, you are most likely there already. Hiak hiak. Simple right. The service here is rather attentive. While we were queuing, kris was given a chair to sit on as she is pregnant. On top of that,  the queue was rather fast moving!

If you are lookig for posh restaurant, This is not the place for you. The renovation of the eatery is rather simple with mosaic flooring and old of the 70s coffee shop setting. However the fish head curry here is really to die live for.

There are 4 sizes here, single pax ($17 RM), small($20 RM) , medium ($30 RM) and large portion($40 RM). You can add on vegetable ($5 RM) or beancurb skin ($3 RM) and rice is only at (Small $0.50 RM / Big $1 RM). I highly recommended that you order the big portion of rice as the small portion is really very small.

Every single portion is cooked with fresh vegetable and fish head only upon ordering.  Thus u can be ensure of a hot yummy claypot of lovely freshness and of cos some waiting time is to be expected.


There are 2 cooking areas in this shop, one at the shopfront and the other one beside the shop. The one at the shopfront also do takeaways whereby people actually come here to pack the raw ingredients such as the veg and the fishhead together of the curry gravy home.

Something very interesting that I noticed here is that they use the conventional way of using stove to cook rice instead of using the rice cooker. As a Singaporean, I would say that this is very rarely seen in Singapore already.

The food was served swiftly after the rice and drinks were served. Praise God that they take in the order while we were queuing. I believe it cut short some waiting time. What I like about this curry fish head is that the curry gravy is very fragrant. I reckon that they use fresh coconut milk as the gravy does not have the smell of those curry gravy made from those off the shelves coconut milk. On top of that, it’s rather light and do not have the very jelat feeling after eating. Best of all, the red snapper fish head is really fresh and the meat is cooked to perfection! Love the tenderness of the fish meat and the crunchiness of the vegetables!

For people who like beancurb skin and curry, this is a must-order IMO. The beancurb skin by itself taste really mediocre but when it is soaked with the curry gravy, it is really good to go with the rice!

Overall it was a really hearty meal! I think I will not hesitate to go back again despite of the unceasing queue. Best of all, we spent only $52 RM for a big portion of the curry fish head ( consist of 2 fish head), additional beancurb skin, 3 small rice, 1 big rice, 2 cans of coke and 1 lemon sour plum drink.

Personally I like this lemon sour plum drink a lot as it’s very refreshing and complimented with the curry fish head. Do try it and tell me how you feel about it!  =)

Kam Long Restaurant 金龙咖喱鱼头
Address: Jalan Wong Ah Fook

Tel: 016 752 8582 / 016 796 2288
Operation Hours: Monday to Sunday
(8:00am to 4:00pm)


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