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Jogja 4WD Adventure Tour in Slemen

In the recent years, Yogyakarta aka Jogya is one of the location that many Singaporeans have started to explore. Besides shopping for local handicrafts such as batik in Yogyakarta city, one can also explore Taman Sari, a former bathing complex for the sultan as well as the renowned Borobudur and Prambanan temples. But have you tried Jogja 4WD Adventure Tour in Slemen? This is something different than usual sightseeing activities which one should at least try once if you are in Jogya.!
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Our day started with a hotel pick up to Candi Banyunibo where we were transfer to a 4 wheel drive. Banyunibo which means dripping water Javanese. Candi Banyunibo is actually a 9th-century Buddhist temple located in Sleman Regency in Yogyakarta which is surrounded by paddy fields. There are 2 different kinds of candi in Indonesia, namely the buddhist temple and the hindu temple. Although this is a smaller temple as compared to Candi Ijo which we visited after Candi Banyunibo, there are also a lot of photo opportunities.
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Our next stop was Candi Ijo which is further up the mountain. It was quite an experience to weave through the small villages while getting our adrenalin all pumped up.
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The 4WD was parked at Lereng Ijo (opposite Candi Ijo) where there is this very nice step out area whereby one could get a very good greenery view. IF you want to take any picture, it is $2000 rupiah which is about $0.20 SGD. Please practice some honesty as there are usually no people around to collect the money, just a small container below the signage to collect the fund. haha
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There is an entrance fee if you are looking at entering Candi Ijo. But don’t miss going in as the temple is located at the highest place in Yogyakarta and the view at the top is very beautiful. Candi Ijo was built around the ninth century on a hill named the Green Hill hence this is how the name came about as ijo means green in javanese. The temple is 410 meters above the sea level and one can appreciate the view of the agriculture land around. There are also much to explore as the complex of the temple consists of 17 building structures that are divided into 11 terraces.
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Breksi Cliff is one of the latest tourism spot in Jogya which is formed by the rock mining activity. With the help of the local artists, the 20 meters abandoned limestone cliff mining has turned into a cultural heritage spot to enjoy art performance and sunset with heaps of ootd opportunities.
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We ended the 4WD tour with adrenalin rush through the bumpy ride along the muddy field before going back to Candi Banyunibo to transfer into a normal sedan car. This is perhaps the part that any adventurous soul out there should not miss out. Sorry as it was too bumpy, no photo was taken till I returned to the candi but it was really fun. If you are interested to experience some off the beaten track route with sightseeing, the packages ranges from 350k ~ 550k IDR depending on your itinerary.
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We had lunch at a traditional Javanese resturant before heading back to the hotel in mid afternoon. I am very thankful for such a different holiday experience. =) Although there are many other places of interest in Jogya, the 4WD adventure tour in Sleman is not too be missed as it is quite an extraordinary experience to see the Sleman in this manner with adrenaline running high.

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