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Japan Foods Garden – Singapore’s First-ever Hot Stone Tendon

As the living standard continues to improve in Singapore, looking for pocket-friendly yet gratifying meal in the heart of Orchard Road is harder than before. However, housed at an enclave in Shaw Centre basement 1, Japan Foods Garden offers Japanese food at affordable prices prices starting from just S$4.90.
japan food garden
The Health & Beauty Salmon Pot ($9.80) from Sizzling Hot Stone came with a miso soup base, and featured Norwegian Salmon, onions, mushrooms and fresh vegetables. The soup was hot and nice for a cold rainy day but the portion was kinda small for a hungry man like me.
japan food garden3
Spicy Chicken Pot ($9.80) was one of my favourite as the chicken balls were firm and moist. However, the soup might be a little too spicy for some people. This soup was perfect to go with the Japanese white rice too. There were also beef or pork options by topping up $4 or $3 more respectively.
japan food garden8
As a fan of tempura, Gochujang Tendon ($11.90) from Fry Pan Shokudo was perfect for me! I like how the sweet and spicy Gochujang chilli sauce paired with those beautiful golden shells of vegetables (enoki mushrooms, pumpkin, seaweed and eggplant), prawn and squid tempura!
japan food garden 12
If you like your food to stay hot while you eat, Hot Stone Tendon ($11.80) was a good option to choose from.
japan food garden7
Feeling peckish? Do check out the Blooming Onion ($4.90) from Bar, a haven of Japanese bar grub and alcoholic beverages. The large onion was cut to resemble a flower, battered and deep-fried till crispy. Although there are two different sauces or seasoning —original; garlic powder, I prefer the original Blooming Onion as they are more crispy and spicy.
japan food garden14
japan food garden 15
Besides the Chocolate Mousse ($3.90), you can also end the meal with Fruit Pudding Jelly ($3.90). It was slightly sweet and included fruits such as fresh mango, raspberry and dragon fruit.

Japan Foods Garden
Shaw Centre, #B1-01, 1 Scotts Road, Singapore 228208

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