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Janice Wong Flapship Restaurant at the National Museum of Singapore

Usually people would associate the name “Janice Wong” with her artistic beautiful desserts. So when Janice Wong opens Janice Wong Singapore flagship restaurant, selling savoury food at the National Museum of Singapore, my curiosity got the better of me. Yes, I ditched my diet to check out the place. But was I impressed?

Janice Wong-2
For those who have yet to visit Janice Wong, it is located down the pavement once you come out of the doorway beside the entrance of Flutes.
Janice Wong-3
Once you entered the 1500sqft Janice Wong restaurant , you might be mistaken that you are at a mini “food art exhibition”. Janice Wong uses ingredients such as noodles, marshmallow and even chocolate to create art pieces that are displayed in the restaurant. Artsy yet classy at the same time!
Margaret River Gourmet Escape x Janice Wong-3
Margaret River Gourmet Escape x Janice Wong-7
Margaret River Gourmet Escape x Janice Wong-12
On the left side of the restaurant, you will an array of desserts such as gelato, artisanal chocolate, mochi and more. Margaret River Gourmet Escape x Janice Wong-18
Margaret River Gourmet Escape x Janice Wong-16
Margaret River Gourmet Escape x Janice Wong-9
Margaret River Gourmet Escape x Janice Wong-13
There are also chocolate paint, chocolate lollipop, gummies and other sweet treats available on the retail racks.
Janice Wong
When we were there about a month ago, there was a 3 course degustation lunch set. It was quite a no brainer to order that as we can try both the savoury and the desserts.
Janice Wong-12
When we first saw Mini Pots ($15) on instagram, somehow our mind are set to order it. These colourful siew mai-s (Chinese dumpling) are not your regular pork dumpling ok. There are 3 different flavours in a set (Purple/ Red Skin – Portobello,Rosemary and Caviar; Yellow/ Pink skin – Shrimp and Parma Ham; Yellow/ Green skin – Scallop and Olive Oil Caviar). Our votes went to the Portobello mushroom one as it has a rich creamy texture akin to concentrated cream of mushroom.
Janice Wong-10
Janice Wong-9
From the lunch set, we had the Hot Explosion XLB with Truffle Cheese Chicken and Whimsical Buns with Liquid Egg as the starter. Both were not very memorable as compared to the Mini Pots and we would like the skin for both the dish to be thinner.
Janice Wong-17
Janice Wong-18
While the broth for both the BlackRed Duple Noodles and Corn Noodles were comforting and flavoursome, the noodles were soft and mushy without much texture. It was such a pity as we really enjoyed the broth and the flour used to make the noodles were specially imported from Japan.
Janice Wong-21
Chocolate Praline Cake would be a delight for chocolate lovers. It was rich yet complex.
Janice Wong-24
Tiramisu was a beautiful mess with mascarpone cheese, coffee sponge and espresso ice cream.
Janice Wong-26
Cassis Plum ($24) blow our mind when it was served. Inspired by the Japanese Cherry Blossom, the eye pleasing dessert was made of blackcurrant and white chocolate filled with elderflower yogurt foam, choya shiso granita with yuzu pearls and blackcurrant pastel. Yes yes, this is the very dessert that the contestants of MasterChef Australia season 7 has to recreate when she made the guest appearance. It was a very refreshing dessert that I would recommend to anyone who like dessert with more acidity. For me, it was the highlight and it feels as if spring has arrived!
Janice Wong-25
Although Janice Wong might have won the title of Pastry Chef of the Year from the World Gourmet Summit Awards in 2011, 2013 and 2015, the savoury food has equal potential to go as far as her sweet treats. As the restaurant was very new when I visited it, I will update again when I pay another visit to the restaurant. I believe with some tweaking to the dishes, the savoury food could be impressive as well.

Janice Wong Singapore
93 Stamford road Singapore National Museum 01-06 Singapore 178897
Tel: +65 97125338
Email: info@janicewong.com.sg
Opening Hours: Mon – Sat 11am to 11pm (last order 10.30pm)
Sun 11am to 6pm (last order 5pm)

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