IREN Skin Vapourizer, a life changing skincare device that you should add to your beauty stash

As I stepped into my thirties, I began to put greater emphasis on my skincare regime. One of major differences that I have made is to start applying serum. As a serum is usually made up of a higher concentration of active ingredients, it helps to improve our skin condition. However, do you know that the way we apply our serum can also help us maximize the benefits of the product? That is why I was quite excited when I was introduced to IREN Skin Vapourizer!
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This revolutionary invention is designed to deliver the skincare product onto our skin by nano-sizing them. Not only does it ensure that you would have a more even application with maximum absorption, it also prevents unwanted wastage and bacteria contamination.
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With a regular face mist, the liquid is usually dispersed in bigger droplets as compared to Iren Skin Vapourizer. By using the nano technology, Iren Skin Vapourizer turned the serum into nano-sized nutrients which are 400 times smaller. Hence it enhances the penetration of the skincare product into the skin. Oh yes, besides using IREN Skin Vapourizer with serum, you can also use it with a clear lotion or toner as a setting spray or with foundation to have a airbrush-like finish.
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One of the fun facts about IRÉN is that it is inspired by Irene, the wife of the founder of Ikeda Group, as he wanted to create a skincare line for Irene. One that would help to improve his wife’s skin condition without having any harmful chemical, synthetic fragrances, and BPA. So romantic, isn’t it?
Iren Skin Vapouriser
Hence, IREN Skin Vapourizer is not the only product that one should look out for. IRÉN also has a range of serums that works together with IREN Skin Vapourizer to target on specific skin concerns. The highly concentrated serums use the patented Ziplock Encapsulation Technology which not only increase the efficiency of the serum, the technology also helps to increase the penetration of the product into the skin.
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I have personally tried IREN Skin Vapourizer with my stash of serums and essences. Can I just say this is really a very awesome product to have! The mist was so fine that one could hardly feel it yet reaps the benefits of the product that it was filled with. Not only does my skin glows, even my makeup set and last longer. If you ask me, I would definitely recommend IREN Skin Vapourizer! Right now, the website is having some promo, instead of $338, it is going at $299. Xmas is around the corner, perhaps it is time to get something to pamper yourself.

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