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IOMA MA CREME, a tailor-made skincare for the unique you

Personally, having a great serum is the core of my skincare regime (on top of cleanser, toner, moisturiser and sunblock). Which is why I have tons of serums which I use on a rotating basis depending on my skin condition. But wouldn’t it be great if I can cut down the number of skincare that I am using yet achieving the same or even better skin condition? With the launch of IOMA MA CREME and after having to use it for a while, I can finally proudly say that, this is possible!
MA CREME, which meant My Cream in French, is made from has two active bases, 8 serums and has 40,257 possible formulas (this was established from analysing the database of more than 1 million diagnoses at IOMA skin Atlas) to cater to each and every individual. The 40ml Day and Night personalised formulas are concentrated with active ingredients to moisturise and protects the skin from external factors, including free radicals, during the day and to regenerate and calm the skin at night.
In order to get my personalised Ma Crème Day and Night formulated on the spot (yes on the spot!!), I went down to the outlet in Orchard to get my skin diagnosis done. IOMA counters are located at Robinsons The Heeren and Isetan Tampines.
If you are wondering if this is those hastily done skin diagnosis, no, it was not! The whole process was super thorough and uses the MEMS (Micro Electro Mechanical Systems) technology to accurately diagnose your skin within a few minutes! Oh yes, the skin diagnosis free-of-charge but it was definitely not any cheap and rubbish skin analysis.
After the skin diagnosis, IOMA’s beauty consultant was also very detailed in explaining the quality of my skin and shared with me how MEMS technology calculated my skin’s moisture level, cell renewal, pigmentation, clogged pores and even fine lines and wrinkles!
After which, the formula for my very first IOMA MA CREME was out!
The beauty consultant then keyed the formula into IOMA IN.Lab which was a state of art technology, a result of years of research, to deliver the MA CREME within 1 minute with absolute precision in the formulation of the 8 serums!
Once the dosage of the serum was done, the bottle was screwed close and shake well to ensure even distribution before it was handed to me.
As I was constantly travelling, my skin was often dehydrated and required a lot of love from the skincare products I use. But after IOMA MA CREME, no longer need I to lug my luggage with heaps of skincare. All I need were a cleanser, MA CREME (both day and night), and sunblock. I skipped my routine of bringing several bottles of serums with me but my skin continued to be in great condition. I guess less is really more. I like the texture of MA CREME which was not too greasy and absorbed easily into my skin. Would I go back and get MA CREME again after my current bottles are used up? I guess I would as good skin quality was hard to come by given the hectic lifestyle. As I age, I also realised that prevention is better than cure. I do not wish to see myself having wrinkles when I know how the process can be slowed down by having the discipline to take care of my skin with good skincare. For more information on IOMA’s skincare products, do hop on to IOMA’s website, facebook page or make your purchase of IOMA’s products online too.

Disclaimer: Although the above review contains information from the brand, it was written based on my honest opinion. No monetary compensation was given and I am not affiliated with the brand.

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