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Icehaus @ Alley on 25: Salad Lounge that is great for Biz luncheon too

If there are two things that I would like to change in 2018, that would be eating healthy and embracing a more holistic lifestyle. Hence, one would find me cooking quinoa, broccoli and eating heaps of cherry tomatoes on days that I am in the office. But as much as I try to eat more greens, it is not very easy to find a place that serves salad with a nice ambience and good service till I get to know about Icehaus @ Alley on 25’s Superfood Salad Lounge!
Andaz superfood-38
Located on level 25 of Andaz Hotel (a lifestyle hotel under Hyatt Hotels Corporation that is occupying Levels 25 to 39 of the DUO Tower), Icehaus @ Alley on 25 is a perfect place for anyone who like bright and airy spaces! Oh yes, I love the high ceiling and the floor-to-ceiling windows! Although it was raining on the day that I went Icehaus @ Alley on 25, the natural lighting was still pouring in!
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What I like about the Superfood Salad Lounge at Icehaus @ Alley on 25 was that it was those that you get to build your own salad according to preference! One could choose to start with some bread (there are sourdough, rye and baguette) and paired it with french butter or simply dip into some hearty soup. We had carrot with coriander soup which was creamy, sweet and totally delicious!
Andaz superfood-15
Spotted kale, radicchio and lettuce on the day that I was there. There will be 3 types of salad base on rotation. One might also find arugula, spinach, mesclun or even endive. There are also a variety of vegetables such as cucumber, carrot, broccoli, beetroot, sweet potato and radish.
Andaz superfood-17
One of the more impressive section was the nuts and seds section. One can find chia seeds, pine nuts, walnuts, pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds and not to forget flax seeds which are packed with omega-3 fatty acids and antioxidants!
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For peeps who are looking for thousand island sauce and mayo, sorry to disappoint you. But the Superfood Salad Lounge at Icehaus @ Alley on 25 has something better for you. Be prepared for something healthier! Drizzle your salad with extra virgin olive oil, balsamic vinegar or red wine vinegar and season it with a pinch of salt or pepper, I promise you, your body is going to thank you for this yummy yet healthy meal.
Andaz superfood-12
Protein loving friends can also find a selection of different lean proteins on rotational basis (tuna, ham, chicken, cage-free eggs and Italian mortadella sausage).
Andaz superfood-2
Besides unlimited salads, there is also free-flowing home-made Andaz Iced Tea! I like how refreshing this concoction of a blend of Singapore breakfast tea and citrus fruits is and you can also choose to sweeten it with the pandan leaves syrup which is both aromatic and great for detox.
Andaz superfood-44
Although not advisable, I can hardly resist ordering Andaz Chendol Pop ($10) which is a collaboration with Neh Neh Pop. This is one hell of a GOOD dessert that has spun off from our traditional chendol. Biting through the pandan white chocolate, one would taste the gula melaka coconut ice cream with red bean caramel. The combinations would hit you with layers of different flavours. While it looked simple, it was complexed yet delectable and balanced. This is definitely not wasted calories and if you are worried, share it but I would suggest you not to!
Andaz superfood-33
While we were given the freedom to build our own salad, the service was impeccable. The service crew was super attentive. One instance was I was commenting “NICE!” and the waitress just passed me a knife within the next few seconds. If this is not attentive, I don’t what would this be. Dining in such a cosy and modern ambience while catching up with friends or meeting with a business partner is definitely a plus point. Hence I would recommend this place to anyone who wanted to beat the crowd and enjoy a relaxing healthy lunch/ dinner.

Icehaus @ Alley on 25’s Superfood Salad Lounge
5 Fraser Street, level 25, Singapore, 189354
Weekday Lunch: $18++
Weekday Dinner: $28++ includes additional premium chilled seafood and cheese stations
Tel: +65 6408 1288

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