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H&M x Moschino lookbook

This year is no doubt a year that one can see Mickey everywhere we go as the world is celebrating Mickey’s 90th birthday! This is also reflected in the latest H&M fashion collaboration with Moschino where Jeremy Scott produced a capsule Disney collection. As someone who will not queue to buy something but I went crazy with this collection and thanks to a dear friend, I have managed to get the embroidered waist bag ($109) which was sold out swiftly after the collection was launched at 8am. Stay with me as I share with you more deets on my shopping loots.

On the 8th of Nov, I woke up extra early to join the queue at H&M Orchard. Even though I was early (reached at est. 7.30am), the line has already formed in front of me and I only managed to get the slot to go in at 8.50am (door opened at 8am for this special collaboration).

Every one of us was tagged with a wrist band and the wrist band will only be given up to those who are present. It doesn’t matter if you have queued overnight or not, as long as you are not around physically, no wrist band will be given. H&M was very strict about this and you can be assured that nobody jumps queue!

As we moved closer to the line, I can literally feel the excitement building up. Of cos, there was a briefing which revealed that everyone can only get 1 piece per design and there are only 10 minutes for us to select our items for every batch. Sadly, all the men t-shirt were already sold out by then.

In between each batch, the shop assistants would pack the store and tidy up the place as well. But of cos, with each batch going into the store, the items are diminishing at a super fast speed.
HM x Moschino lookbook-13
Although the Donald Duck Appliquéd sweatshirt ($109) was found in the women’s collection, this 100% cotton top is actually quite unisex!!!
HM x Moschino lookbook-9
Under the Appliquéd sweatshirt ($109), there was a grey one too with a very swag Mickey.
HM x Moschino lookbook-4
I have also gotten the hooded dress ($139) with concealed pocket.
HM x Moschino lookbook-15
While you might think that the items might be very expensive, the entry price is only $34.95 if you are getting the Text-print T-shirt. Of cos, like what everyone has anticipated, the collection is now fully sold out.

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