HEYTEA喜茶 is coming to Singapore!!!!

I am never a huge fan of bubble tea and such BUT I got really excited when I know HEYTEA aka 喜茶 is coming to Singapore! I have personally tried it in Shenzhen when I went there earlier this year in Feb. I had it at least 3 times during my trip! So what is so special about HEYTEA喜茶 that has attracted long queues everywhere in China? I kid you not, every outlet that I went in Shenzhen was jam packed!!!
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Just like many bubble tea places in Singapore, you can choose your preferred level of sweetness as well as the amount of ice in your drinks.
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HEYTEA喜茶 is said to be China’s most popular tea brand and the original inventor of cheese tea. While you can find the option of having “normal” cheese topping and a “light” cheese topping in China, the Singapore outlet only have the “normal” cheese topping for all the beverages except for the ones under “Fruity Boom”, a “light” cheese topping will be served.
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Something that sets HEYTEA喜茶 apart from the rest is the choice of tea and ingredients used, only the freshest fruits and highest quality tea leaves are used.
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The frothy cheese foam with a hint of saltiness is freshly made daily with imported New Zealand Anchor cheese. The cheese topping not only mask the bitterness of the tea, it also gives the tea an interesting depth to the flavour profile. What I really like about the cheese foam is it is very creamy yet one would not feel overwhelmed by it. It is one of the best cheese foam that I have tried so far! Some of the must order includes King Fone (S$5.50), an oolong tea leaves that have been specially harvested for HEYTEA, Aqua Green (S$4.50), a green tea with a soft jasmine fragrance and Fruity Boom series as they use fresh fruits as well as light cheese topping which you will not find on the rest of the menu at the moment.
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There will also be 2 Singapore-exclusive ice cream flavours available, Salted Egg Yolk Ice Cream (S$4.80) and the Durian Ice Cream (S$4.80). Good news for all the people who love HEYTEA喜茶 or wanted to try it, it will be open at ION Orchard Mall on 10th November 2018 and there are some really nice promotions!!!
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Besides the 1 for 1 promotion on the first 3 days of opening, if you like HEYTEA喜茶 on Facebook or instagram, you will get a special welcome gift too. So do remember to mark your calendar, people.

ION Orchard Mall, 2 Orchard Turn, #B4-29, Singapore 238801
Official Opening: 10th November 2018
Operating Hours: 10am to 10pm daily


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