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Habitat by Honestbee, a foodie paradise to do grocery shopping and more

Ahem, the time has came for the nation to be jealous of the westies (people staying in the West)! The Southwestern part of Singapore now housed one of the coolest multi-sensory grocery and dining concept, Habitat by Honestbee. I kid you not, spanning 60,000 sq ft, Habitat by Honestbee, is one place that you must visit for a hassle-free retail shopping experience.
Habitat by Honestbee
Located at 34 Boon Leat Terrace which is next to Mapletree Business City, one can either take a train to labrador park mrt station and take a short walk over or there are several bus services nearby as well. There are free shuttle bus on Saturdays & Sundays (10am ~ 10pm) operating every 45 mins from Labrador Park MRT. But in my honest opinion, the easiest way is to drive and there are free parking up to 3 hours during the weekend!
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Habitat by Honestbee-31
Habitat by Honestbee-34
If your first order of business is coffee, Habitat by Honestbee got you covered. In fact there are 15 unique food and beverage concepts — from fresh grain bowls, grilled meats straight from the butchery to Japanese soufflé pancakes from Riz Labo Kitchen and even homemade kombuchas.
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This full range supermarket and specialty grocer has over 20,000 products and amongst them, 1000 products are exclusively available here! You can literally find everything here-seasonal fruits and vegetables, seafood, meats, cheeses and daily essentials, even different types of rice. I reckoned that there are at least 10 or more types of rice available here. Not to forget that the largest variety of truffle products, huge selection of wagyu and wide variety of aged meat. There are even over 10 varieties of oysters!! Crazily extensive and comprehensive.
Habitat by Honestbee-46
Habitat by Honestbee-45
Habitat by Honestbee-56
Habitat by Honestbee-55
Oh yes, for people with the love of wine & spirits, there is even a cellar showcasing special editions, craft beverages and renowned classics.
Habitat by Honestbee-37
Checking out is easy breezy. If you have less than 10 items, you can use the “Scan & Go” function on the honestbee app and skip the checkout line to get the items on the spot.
Habitat by Honestbee-50
Habitat by Honestbee-18
Habitat by Honestbee-20
Habitat by Honestbee-26
For those with more items, you can simply push your trolley to the AutoCheckout and habitat will take care of the scanning and packing. The collection of your grocery is done at the RoboCollect Stations which are located at the exit. I thought that is a huge bonus cause I would hate to walk around and explore the space with my heavy grocery. For those who are in a rush, the orders process between checkout and collection can be as fast as 5 minutes.
Habitat by Honestbee-32
Habitat by Honestbee-35
Habitat by Honestbee-51
Yes, the space is huge and totally gorgeous. It is spacious and made totally for one to take a picture or two. One thing for sure, for anyone who plans to vist Habitat by honestbee, don’t forget to download the Honestbee app and register an account. With the honestbee app, you can enter the space and pay through beePay, honestbee’s very own digital wallet, and make secure, cashless transactions throughout the store for both offline and online transactions. There are also a lineup of activities such as Pasta Making, Bread Shaping and Coffee Tasting during the weekends from now till 28 October. Don’t forget to check out this space and share with me your thoughts.

Habitat by Honestbee
4 Boon Leat Terrace, Singapore 119866 (next to Mapletree Business City)
Operating hours: 8am to 10pm

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