Gu Ma Jia Chinese New Year Menu 2019

Two years ago when I tried Gu Ma Jia, I was impressed with the food served. Two years later when I returned to try the Chinese New Year menu, I am surprised that Gu Ma Jia has a refreshed outlook.
Gu Ma Jia CNY-8
Gu Ma Jia CNY-6
Besides a change of colour theme, Gu Ma Jia has also renovated the second level to a more modern and clean outlook.
Gu Ma Jia CNY-17
Gu Ma Jia CNY-19
We tossed to a bountiful year with Gu Ma Jia’s Prosperity Yu Sheng ($40.80/ $50.80) which used abalone instead of raw fish slices. I like the paper thin homemade crackers and the freshly shredded vegetables which added a nice crunch to the yusheng.
Gu Ma Jia CNY-20
The presentation of the chinese new year menu feels very much like attending a chinese wedding banquet. The Lobster Cold Platter ($138) was one good example but mind you, the lobster was really fresh. Served together with Smoked Duck, Mixed Sauce Pacific Clams and Gu Ma’s special Beancurd, it was a delightful starter to have. I love variety but I love Gu Ma’s special Beancurd which is soft yet flavourful and has a nice textural bite from the small pieces of water chestnut that were added.
Gu Ma Jia CNY-27
Lychee Sweet & Sour Grouper (Market Rate) was a great dish to have regardless of age as the fish meat was being deboned before they are being deep fried and tossed in a zesty sweet sauce with juicy lychee.
Gu Ma Jia CNY-33
People, you gotta order some rice to go with Gu Ma Jia’s signature Assam Fish Head! I kid you not, despite being a small eater, I can’t help but to have a second serving cause this is really way too good. Many a time, assam fish head can be a tad too sour but the ones at Gu Ma Jia hit the right spot with the perfect balance.
Gu Ma Jia CNY-34
To be honest, this is the first time trying Yuan Yang Kai Lan ($12/ $18/ $24). With the leafy parts of the vegetable being deep fried, I was initially worried about them being overly greasy. But my worries were unfounded. The leafy parts were crispy and addictive while the stems which were blanched were crunchy. Paired with sakura ebi, it was a delightful vegetable dish that even kids would welcome it.
Gu Ma Jia CNY-38
Gu Ma Jia CNY-40
Kyoto Pork Ribs ($20) made a spectacular entrance with the burning fire. The pork ribs were fork tender.
Gu Ma Jia CNY-45
I always welcomed something nourishing and claypot Wine Chicken with Ginger & Sesame Oil ($15/ $22/ $30) is one of my favourite item to order as I like how aromatic the dish is. It is also great to strengthen the body while expelling the wind.
Gu Ma Jia CNY-46
We rounded up the meal with Double-Boiled Beautifying Peach Gum with Red Dates ($32.80) which contains collagen to keep our skin firm and boost our immunity, and balance the pH levels in our bodies.
Gu Ma Jia CNY
Besides dine in, all the Chinese New Year Set Meals and Chinese New Year ala carte dishes are also for delivery with advanced booking. Oh yes, that includes the Roasted Suckling Pig at a special price of $188. If you are driving, your best bet for parking is at the carpark at The Venue opposite Gu Ma Jia.

Gu Ma Jia
45 Tai Thong Crescent Senett Estate Singapore 347866.
Tel: +65 6285 2023
Operating hours: Weekdays 11am – 2.30pm, 5.30pm – 10pm
Weekends and PH: 11am to 10pm


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