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Guardian Exclusive Medicube Red Erasing Cream Set

Previously, I have great experience using Medicube red cleansing pad during my Myanmar trip and have even introduced it to my indonesia room mate, Bulan. Till today, I still remember how she described the cleansing pad as leaving her face feeling soft and fluffy. Yes, that is also the reason why I like this cleansing pad too. It removed the last traces of makeup without stripping the skin of its moisture. In fact, the face felt really moisturised after using it. Hence, I was very excited when I get to know that Medicube has launched the Red Erasing Cream Set exclusively available in Guardian.
Medicube Red Line-13
K beauty products have been creating waves of excitements for our consumers. Hence in last few years, Guardian has been constantly on the lookout to bring in new beauty brands to meet its customers’ needs. Since 2017, Guardian has brought in more than 30 derma-beauty products from Medicube. To keep up in the beauty game, Guardian has recently collaborated with Medicube to launch Medicube Red Erasing Cream Set ($37) which is exclusively available in Guardian Singapore! This is actually a set of 4 travel-sized products (Red Body Bar, Red Foam Cleanser,Red Toner and Red Serum) and 1 FULL-SIZE Red Erasing Cream!
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This beauty set is suitable for troubled and sensitive skin and the Red Erasing Cream has been one of Medicube’s top-seller! With key ingredients such as Purslane extract, Jojoba Seed Oil and Tomato extract, the Red Erasing Cream is not only great at preventing and treating troubled areas and it aids in lightening dark spots and strengthening the skin as well. With it selling at $37 on its own, Medicube Red Erasing Cream Set is super value for money. One thing I really like about this range is it is not drying to the skin as compared to many of those skincare which are targetted at people with troubled skin. For me, this is definitely a huge bonus. If you are looking at getting Medicube Red Erasing Cream Set, it is currently available in Guardian stores island-wide, including Bedok Mall, Jurong Point, North Point, Parkway Parade, Serangoon NEX, Takashimaya S.C., North Point, and Vivo City.
Medicube Red Line-10
Besides the Red Erasing Cream Set, three new products were introduced to the Red Line series – Red SOS Modeling Capsule Pack, Red Spot Solution Needle Patch, and Red No Sebum Pact.
Medicube Red Line-8
If you are always troubled by shiny nose and oily face by mid day, Red No-Sebum Pact ($19) is what you might want to look at. This non-comedogenic (won’t clog pores) translucent powder is suitable for acne-prone and/or sensitive skin. It helps to control sebum and oil with Lavender & Korean chestnut shell extract, treating wounds and prevent inflammation with Centella Asiatica and purifies pores with Green tea extract. Best of all, it is very much multi-purpose besides giving you a matte finish. One can use it on oily hair to freshen up, as lip and eye primer to increase color payoff and as finishing powder for longer lasting makeup! Sounds really amazing, isn’t it? I am definitely going to bring this with me the next time I travel.
Medicube Red Line-9
Once in a while, I will use an acne patch to treat my pimples. Hence, this is another product which I am really excited about. Medicube Red Spot Solution Needle Patch (10 Patches, $13) has needle-like protrusions (don’t worry, it is not even feelable!) which directly penetrate and dissolve into troubled spot with ingredients such as Tea Tree Leaf, Centella Asiatica, Madecassoside and Hyaluronic acid to provide quick relief while keeping the skin moisturised. Oh yes, the patches are barely noticeable!
Red SOS Modeling Capsule Pack6
Last but not least, Medicube Red SOS Modeling Capsule Pack ($20), a soothing home spa modeling mask for irritated skin, which consisted of 50g of ampoule 50g as well as 5g of powder. Some of the key ingredients include Tea tree leaf extract to calms the irritated skin, Centella Asiatica Extract to hydrates and soothes the problem areas and Calamine and Madecassoside to provide some relieves to the troubled skin. I have yet to try this but I like how convenient the packaging it. There is a spatula provided and you can just mix the both sachets together in the capsule and apply onto your face.
Medicube Red Line
As someone who loves travelling, my skin is always giving me issue when I travel due to the climate change and the dry air in the flight. Hence, I am definitely going to bring the Guardian Exclusive Medicube Red Erasing Cream Set with me the next time I set my foot on the foreign land. Thank you Medicube and Insider Communications for having me and sharing with me in details how useful these products are. For more information, you can visit

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