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Goodwood Park Hotel – Toss to a beautiful year

Besides Lou Hei aka yusheng, one of the highlights for me during Chinese New Year is to savor all the Chinese New Year goodies. For this Lunar New Year, Goodwood Park Hotel has introduced a new selection of CNY treats! Mind you they are also very instagram worthy too!!!
Min Jiang CNY-8
Min Jiang CNY-20
Some of the new items includes the Drum of Fortune, Salted Egg Yolk Cookies and Sugee Cookies. One of the most beautiful ought to be the Drum of Fortune which is is a fondant coated chocolate marble cake topped with Mandarin oranges made with dark chocolate and mini chocolate ingots.
Min Jiang CNY-13
There are also other selections including one of my favourite the Spicy Salted Egg Yolk Lotus Root Chips ($36.80 nett per jar) and ‘Chiku’ (arrowhead) Chips ($26.80 nett). These are highly addictive as the chips are very thinly sliced and they are light and non greasy!!
Min Jiang CNY-6
Min Jiang CNY-4
Min Jiang CNY-18
Some of the Chinese New Year goodies that are back by popular demand are The Huat! Tart ($48 nett, 500g) wealth and Pineapple Ingot Tarts ($40.80 nett per box of 10 pieces) which has an auspicious meaning prosperity and wealth. Oh yes, not to forget the Duo of Prosperity Fish ($128 nett) which are Mango with Pomelo & Sago and Durian Pudding. Personally, I like the Durian Pudding which is literally like eating durian in pudding form.
Min Jiang CNY-24
This year, Min Jiang has also prepared not one but two types of yusheng to woo the diners! Toss to a pictureque Prosperity ‘Fa Cai’ YuSheng (Dine in, $168++ per large portion only) from Min Jiang which is topped with the hotel’s homemade ‘bak kwa’ (pork jerky) accompanied by a medley of crisp vegetables such as wild arugulas, yellow frisee, red sorrels, red mustard greens, carrots, baby radishes and white radishes, pomelo, as well as sesame seeds and crispy strips of fried sweet potatoes over the homemade dressing of calamansi juice, plum sauce, lemongrass and strawberry jam.
Min Jiang CNY-41
Or you can also opt for the ultra instagram worthy Fruitful Abundance Yu Sheng with Whole Abalone in Raspberry and Sour Plum Sauce ($118++ per small portion | $168++ per large portion) from Min Jiang at One-North which is not only healthier but also very fruity (julienned peaches, dragon fruit, honeydew, mangoes, snow pears and kiwi) to toss to a year of fruitfulness.
Min Jiang CNY-29
For guests who enjoy their poultry, the Double-boiled Whole Chicken stuffed with Bird’s Nest and Duck Foie Gras Dumplings (Available at Min Jiang at One-North) is perfect for the occasion. This nourishing flavour-packed one-pot delicacy comprises boneless chicken stuffed with bird’s nest and duck foie gras wrapped in velvety smooth dumpling skins. Laboriously prepared for more 4 hours, this is also available for takeaway ($308.15 nett for six persons).
Min Jiang CNY-51
If you are looking for a more filling poultry dish, the Fortune Delight Crispy ‘Heung Song’ Duck with Glutinous Rice (Takeaway: $179.75 nett for six to eight persons – Available at Min Jiang at One-North) is one good choice. Prepared with the Cantonese ‘Heung song’ cooking method, the duck is deep-fried till the skin is crispy and fragrant. Coupled with the fluffy glutinous rice, it is one satisfying dish!
Min Jiang CNY-45
Min Jiang CNY-49
For pork lovers, you can look forward to the Braised Pork Belly with Pan-fried Lotus Root Pork Patties and Sea Treasures in Claypot (Dine-in: $298++ | Takeaway: $318.85 nett for six persons, includes claypot – Available at Min Jiang at One-North) and Slow-braised Pig’s Trotter with Abalone and Sea Treasures in Claypot (Dine-in: $298++ | Takeaway: $318.85 nett for six persons, includes claypot – Available at Min Jiang). These hearty claypot dishes are packed with luxurious ingredients – Australian 10-head abalones, dried scallops, black mushrooms, dried oysters, sliced lotus roots, sea cucumbers and ‘fa cai’ (black moss). Best of all for the Braised Pork Belly, there are homemade lotus root pork patties which are juicy, flavoursome and have a nice textural bite!
Min Jiang CNY-32
Prosperity Duo of Deep-fried Pork Knuckle and Slow-baked Honey Butter Ribs which are available for takeaway at Min Jiang ($147.65 nett for six persons) is great for people who are having house party! This dish showcases pork with contrasting flavours and textures. The knuckle is marinated with Sichuan peppercorn and salt, baked and deep-fried to a beautiful golden crisp while the ribs are slow-braised for 80 minutes with Kimlan Soy Paste, rock sugar, light and dark soy sauces, garlic and spring onions for a sweet-savoury tenderness. They are also available on Min Jiang Festive Treasures Takeaway 6-Course Menu ($532.85 nett for 6 persons) together with the Prosperity Yu Sheng and the Five Fortune Takeaway Platter. You can also check out the takeaway menu and ordering form for more details. The lunar takeaway is available till 19 Feb with a 5% discount for full payment made by 25 Jan 2019 and there is a min. order of $80 for online purchase.

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Operating Hours: Lunch 11.30am – 2.30pm
Dinner 6.30pm – 10.30pm
Collection on 4 February 2019 only from 11.30am – 5pm

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Operating Hours: Lunch: 11.30am – 2.30pm
Dinner: 6.30pm – 10.30pm
Collection on 4 February 2019 only from 11.30am – 5pm

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