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Chinese Celebration at Conrad Centennial Singapore

As much as Lou Hei aka Yusheng is a Singaporean tradition, I think this year Golden Peony’s Fu Lu Shou Tri-star Yu Sheng really caught my attention. Before we toss to a year of good health, wealth and fortunate, we were asked to “deposit” money (chocolate coins) into the piggy bank made of sugar before we smash the piggy bank to collect all the good fortunate for the year ahead.
Golden Peony CNY-27
Golden Peony CNY-28
The yusheng with fish skin, white baits and the gold crackers together with the tangy sauce was really refreshing. While you might think that chocolate doesn’t go well with yusheng, it does as the chocolate piggy gave a bitter sweet balance to the yusheng. Takeaway is also available for the Fortune Salmon and Crispy White Bait Yu Sheng at $68 (small) and $128 (large), Fortune Abalone and Salmon at $98 (small) and $178 (large) and Fu Lu Shou Tri-star of Lobster, Abalone, and Salmon at $128 (small) and $228 (large) from 21st January to 19th February. Do note that the small portion serves 3 to 6 persons, whilst the large portion serves 7 to 10 persons.
Golden Peony CNY-35
Golden Peony CNY-44
Eight Treasure Congee was another unassuming dish that won my heart. Packed with a myraid of colourful ingredients, the congee was comforting and full of flavours.
Golden Peony CNY-47
As a lover of fish, I appreciated how well cooked the Steamed Star Grouper and 8-Head Abalone was. This is definitely a dish to have to warrant all the good fortune for the year ahead with the luxurious combinations.
Golden Peony CNY-54
Chinese New Year is all about having the premium ingredients to celebrate the wonderful year that has passed and to welcome more blessings for the year ahead. So how can we not have lobster? The Golden Maine Lobster with Butter Pumpkin Sauce and Crispy Potato Crumbs was a fuss free dish. The lobster meat was removed from the shell before it is deep fried, coated with a butter pumpkin sauce and served with crispy potato crumbs.
Golden Peony CNY-58
Golden Peony CNY-62
Each year, Golden Peony would prepare something unique to go with the Roast Whole Suckling Pig. This year, one can expect a nice local twist of Roast Whole Suckling Pig with nasi lemak. The roasted till crispy suckling pig is stuffed with savoury coconut milk and pandan leaf infused glutinous rice with the aromatic otah in the middle. Together with the house made sambal chilli sauce, this is a delicacy on its own.
Golden Peony CNY-67
A meal is never complete without rounding it up on a sweet note. Koi Soya Pudding, Hasma, Peach Resin and Red Date Broth was a refreshing dessert with the swimming koi to symbolize wealth and advancement in the year of the piggy.
Golden Peony CNY-69
With family reunion and unity for everyone, Golden Peony has prepared the Osmanthus Broth with Rainbow Crystal Tang Yuan. Made with a special ratio of glutinous rice flour and potato starch, the tang yuan aka dumpling has a beautiful translucent skin wrapped around the sweet potato, pumpkin and black sesame fillings. With such a beautiful way to wrap up the meal, I am quite sure that the year ahead is going to be bountiful!
Golden Peony’s Lunar New Year menus start from S$118++ per person or S$1,398++ for a table of 10 persons. For those who prefer to celebrate the reunion dinner at home, Golden Peony also has two exquisite takeaway treasures sets that consist of the signature Salmon and Crispy White Bait Yu Sheng, a choice of Roast Duck ($288) or an Abalone “Pen Cai” ($488) as well as a selection of specially curated cake and sweet treats. Do note that the Chinese New Year offering will start from 21st January onward to 19th February 2019. For reservations, visit www.connoisseur.sg, email to sinci.festive@conradhotels.com or call

Golden Peony: +65 6432 7482/88
Oscar’s: +65 6432 7481/63
Festive Takeaway: +65 6432 7489

Golden Peony
Conrad Centennial Singapore, Level 3 Two Temasek Boulevard Singapore 038982
Tel: +65 6432 7482/88
Email: sinci.goldenpeony@conradhotels.com


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