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JB Food Hunt Part 2 : Goh Zha Lang Restoran Taiwan

This is a continuation of JB food hunt that I had with 3 of my lovely peeps. Previously I blogged about Kam Long Restaurant 金龙咖喱鱼头   near city square. After massage and some shopping around the nearby vicinity, Jason brought us to Goh Zha Lang Restoran Taiwan  古早人台灣粥館 in Taman Sentosa for our dinner.
restaurant interiorAlthough we reached at about 8+ 9pm in the evening, surprisingly the restaurant was still packed from inside out! FYI, this picture was taken when I was about to leave the restaurant at 10+ 11pm
Liang teh
Just like many places in JB, there are free parking available for the patrons just outside the restaurant. We were quickly lead to a empty table the moment we stepped into the restaurant. The service here is considered very swift and attentive. Shortly after we sat down, drinks were ordered and delivered to us even before we have decided what to eat.
braised peanuts
We were also served a plate of braised peanuts which was soft and tasty. After that, the dishes were served in a swift and continuous momentum and in no time our table was filled with food.
sweet potato porridge
Do note that the sweet potato porridge/ porridge (RM 1.30 per pax) is of free flow serving. I guess it is a big bonus for big eaters =)
steamed meat
The steamed minced meat with salted fish(RM 8) was one of the highlight of the night. It is finely minced and flavourful which made it goes very well with the porridge. On top of that, although salted fish is one of the main ingredient, it is not too salty and overwhelming.
The chill cockles(RM 7.50)was really fresh! On top of that, the serving is relatively generous! Definitely a must-order dish for cockles lover like me.
sweet potato leaves
One of the thing i really like about the tze char in Malaysia is the addition of sze-chuan bean curd (Fu yu in cantonese)into any stir-fried vegetable. As a sze-chuan beancurd lover, i think this is dope! The stir-fried sweet potato leaf with sze-chuan beancurd(RM 7.50)is simply awesome! The taste of the Fu yu is just right and the sweet potato is stir-fried till perfection, crunchy and not overcooked! yumzzzzz
braised pork
Another very well loved dish around the table is the braised pork in soya sauce(RM 10.50). Not only is the meat tender and soft, the gravy is so goof that you just can’t help it but to ask for another bowl of porridge! Best of all, the meat is so well seasoned and not too fatty that every bite is just another gastronomic enjoyment.
hot plate beef
The hot plate sizzling beef(RM 10) is rather interesting as they added some dried chilli to it. Overall, the meat is tender and the sauce is very good to go with the porridge as well.
green bean soup
Last but not least, we had green bean soup which is on the house. Although it’s free, the standard maintained just as good as the tze char dishes served.
Overall, it was a really hearty meal. This is definitely on my list if I go JB again. Do try it if you have not done so before and tell me what do you think about the food here.

Goh Zha Lang Restoran Taiwan 古早人台湾粥餐馆
125 & 125A, Jalan Sutera, Taman Sentosa, 80150 J.B, Johor
Tel: +60 07 334 4526
Hours: 11:00 am to 4.00 am
Non Halal

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