Go Noodles, of bursting meatballs and comforting broth

When I told my KL friends that I am going to GO Noodle House to try their food in KL, it seems like everyone knows where it is. Originated in KL at Jaya One, GO Noodle House is founded by 3 good friends 5 years ago who have built the business around a family recipe that is said to have been passed down through generations.
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Fast forward, GO Noodle House has more than 40 outlets in both East and West Malaysia as well as in Australia. One of the secret of that flavoursome broth is to add yellow rice wine (Shao Xing Hua Diao Jiu) into the soup to elevate the natural sweetness of the broth that is made using 40 different kinds of fish bones! Good news to my fellow Singaporean foodies, there is no need for you to travel to KL just to try the noodles and the unique fish broth as GO Noodle House has recently just open its first outlet in Singapore. You can be assured that GO Noodle House outlet in Singapore is not a franchise as the owners believe in maintaining the consistency and the quality of their food served. Hence, they have not given out any franchise licenses.
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Just like the menu in Malaysia, there is a good selection of snacks (from $4.90 onward) for the Singapore outlet. But I would highly recommend the Crispy Fuchuk ($4.90). Sandwiched in between 2 thin slices of beancurb is a thin layer of fish paste and it is a good snack to have on its own as well as together with the noodles or even to pair with the yellow rice wine which is served with every bowl of noodles.
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To be honest, I think the main draw of Go Noodles is the broth that is served together with the noodles as it is packed with unmami and there is also a natural sweetness that is elevated with the additional of the yellow rice wine. Hence, it is a must to try the ones with the soup broth which is available in both original and spicy. I like that there are many different choices to suit different people, from seafood lovers to beef lovers and even mushroom lovers.
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But one of the item that is not to be missed is the Bursting Meatballs! I kid you not that it is really very good as it is very bouncy and juicy. Personally, I think it is a hybrid of xiao long bao with fuzhou fishball in a pork version. For someone like me who doesn’t really take pork for the dislike of the porky smell, this is really very good and I really enjoy the flavours. Oh ya, if you are avoid carbs, there is a Bursting Meatballs Soup on the menu.
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To be honest, I feel that food always taste better when shared because in that way, I can try more items on the menu. Do grab a few friends with you when you visit Go Noodles as one of the dish that you don’t want to miss is the Hakka Sauce with Homemade Noodles and Century Egg if you are a century egg lover. While some of you cannot imagine the taste of this dish, it was surprisingly packed with flavours and textures with the additional of ikan billis, pork lard, black fungus, minced pork, fried shallots and spring onion! Oh yes, if you can top up for an onsen egg for that extra creaminess.
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Overall, I enjoyed Go Noodles a lot, be it in Malaysia or in Singapore. I feel that the fish broth is really flavourful yet not cloyingly rich which made it very comforting especially during rainy days. I also like that there are a lot of textures and that burst of flavours from the dry versions. Oh yes, not forgetting the bursting meatballs!!! Hence, this is definitely one of the noodle place that I will revisit whenever I am in town.

GO Noodle House
313 Orchard Rd, #B3-37/38 313@SOMERSET, Singapore 238895
Operating hours: 10am – 10pm daily
Tel: +65 6363 5323
Email: enquiry@gonoodlehouse.com.sg
Modes of payment : cash, NETS, VIsa, MasterCard


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