Glam D halloween treats!

GLAM.D, healthy diet brand from South Korea, has finally arrived in Singapore with 3 products available exclusively at Guardian. Oh yes, they are created with naturally-derived ingredients. So this Halloween is treats and no tricks to weight loss!!!! Yay!
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The only constant in my life is I am perpetually on diet since I don’t like to exercise. It seems so hard to get my butt to the gym. So I always appreciate that extra help to allow me to continue enjoying my favourite meals and treats, guilt-free. This is where Glam.D carb-blocking Weight Loss Drinks range comes in. GLAM.D’s Weight Loss Drinks include the lemon-flavored Easy Slim ($31 for 15 sachets) which is refreshing and easy to drink on a hot day, while the coffee-flavored Glam Café Original ($35 for 30 sachets) is perfect for coffee lovers.
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The lemon-flavored Easy Slim contains a key ingredient, Garcinia Cambogia Extract which helps to effectively block and prevent dietary carbohydrates from converting into body fats! This is extremely important cos Singaporean diet usually contains heaps of carbohydrates such as rice, noodles and bread. Oh yes, not to worry about the sugar intake as there are no sugar nor artificial flavours added. The beverage is infused with leomon and calamansi extract for the refreshing taste and sweetened with a naturally occurring alternative sweetener, oligofructose, which is also a form of dietary fiber. Hence, it can also boost the feelings of fullness and reduce hunger.
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GLAM.D has also came out with the coffee-flavored Glam Café Original to appeal to coffee lovers. Simply pour a sachet of it into a cup of water (up to your preference of hot or cold) and you can enjoy a guilt free meal ahead!
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If you have sweet tooth and can’t resist snacking, GLAM.D has a range of low-calorie fruit jelly snacks for you too. 5Kcal Water Jelly ($3) is made of fruit puree and is available in apple, peach and mango flavours. While it satisfied your sweet tooth craving, it is low in calories. Hence, you can rest assured that maintaining your daily calorie limits is not that difficult afterall.
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GLAM.D is available at over 50 Guardian stores islandwide, including Takashimaya, NEX, Jurong Point and Tampines Mall, as well as via Guardian SG Online at Let’s feast and not be fat this festive season. Happy Halloween, guys.


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