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More healthy snacks from Garden Picks

What do you do during your holiday, staycation and in the flight? I have recently developed a habit of snacking, especially when I am on holiday or staycation. But snack also must snack healthily, right? Hence I have myself going back to the snacks from Garden Picks, a local manufacturer with quality ingredients sourced worldwide. And they have recently launched new products!!!!

Garden Picks_-3
For all the nuts lovers, you will be thrilled to find new addition to the current selection like Salted Caramel Peanut, Dry Roasted Green Soybean, Crispy Lotus Seed. Who doesn’t like salted caramel, right? I am loving that crispy golden shell with the lovely nuttiness teasing the palate with sweetness and saltiness.Garden Picks_-7
While you are familiar with Edamame, do you know that it is actually a young soybean? This greenish little thing is gluten-free, low in calories and contains no cholesterol! Research has also suggested that increasing consumption of plant food like edamame decreases the risk of obesity and promotes a healthy complexion and hair. Wow, how could I miss this “beauty” food, right?
Garden Picks_-5
As many already know, lotus seeds are good source of protein, magnesium, potassium, and phosphorus. Best part is they are low in sugar, saturated fat, sodium, and cholesterol! Something good for the kidney, spleen, heart and even for people with sleeping disorder. Good stuff, right? So glad to get my regular supply from Garden Picks!
Garden Picks_-4
Garden Picks_-6
For those who prefer to snack on “tibits”, some healthier choices from Garden Picks would be the BBQ Rice Crisps and Honey Mustard Soy Crisps. I am a big fan of Soy Crisps and I find that this is one of the snack that could hardly go wrong no matter what flavour you choose.
Garden Picks_
Currently, the ordering system is quite foolproof with 3 options. You can either order it online, email or simply call them. There is free delivery for purchase of $50 and above. As they are also the supplier for offices, restaurant chains, hotels and retailers across Singapore, you can be assured of the freshness of the products. High turnover means optimal freshness, right? With the all year promotion of 3 for $10, simply gather a few friends or colleagues to place an order together to save on the delivery charges. 🙂

Garden Picks Food Manufacturing
8A Admiralty Street #06-05 FoodXChange@Admiralty, Singapore 757437
Tel: (65) 6659 4859

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