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Gake,make your table reservation early

When I heard that Angus Chow, has opened the doors of his first restaurant concept: GAKE, I was very excited. For those who don’t Chef Angus Chow, he is an award winning chef who has won several awards. Being in the industry for more than 15 years, this young chef has won the World Gourmet Summit MKN Chef of the Year 2018, 2016 Award of Culinary Excellence, Best Restaurant 2017 and 2018…etc just to name a few. So now, are you excited to stay with me as I share more about the dishes that I had at Gake?
Located in Carpenter Street, the 60 seater restaurant is almost diagonally opposite of the open space carpark and just a stone throw from Clarke Quay MRT Station. If you are a sake lover, you would be thrilled to know that there is the massive selection of QUALITY sake available here.
Lou Hei is part of the Singaporean tradition and this is not forgotten by Chef Angus. The Yusheng ($58.80) which 1 day advance order is needed is not any yusheng that one would find elsewhere. The CNY Yusheng which is available for both dine in and takeaway has this special Karai Lemon Truffle Sauce which is balanced, it has a lovely tinge of spiciness and acidity to whet your appetite before you start your Lunar Year feasting. There are 4 versions available – Salmon Trout Sashimi ($48/ $68), Hamachi Sashimi ($58/ $78), House Braised Abalone ($88/ $138) and Salmon Trout + Hamichi Sashimi + House Braised Abalone ($98/ $158).
Hotate no Carpaccio ($18.80) is drizzled with lemongrass oil and topped with chopped cilantro and truffle retained the natural sweetness of the shellfish and the shio kombu dressing complimented with this thinly sliced scallop.
Thhe thinly sliced Hamachi has a subtle aroma of shiso flower, shio kombu, olive oil and truffle. The combination was refreshing yet addictive.
Ahi Tuna Tataki ($15.80) is served with onion, little garlic bits, crashed black pepper, sesame and topped with Wasabi yuzu vinaigrette. This appetiser is light with a tiny hint of kick and got us craving for more!!!
Beef lovers shouldn’t miss the A4 Kagoshima Wagyu Tataki ($38.80). Every slice of these thinly sliced well marbled beef is guaranteed to bring you a gastronomic satisfaction that perhaps 1 serving is not enough to appeal to your love for beef.
Tori hiza nankotsu + bonchiri ($12.80) is a beautiful display of 2 interesting parts of the chicken, knee cartilage and bishop nose. While the deep fried chicken cartilage is presented like pop chicken that one can easily pop a few into the mouth (yes, very moreish), the grilled bishop nose has a lovely aroma from the char and has no gamy smell at all.
Roasted cauliflower always has my heart. The Curry Cauliflower karaage ($10.80) is roasted perfectly with a crunchy bite to it yet soft enough that one would not think that it is still raw. Served with charred onion and balsamic crema, the taste profile is being elevated with sweet yet savory flavor.
The Roasted King Mushroom is served with a wedge of lime as well as a sprinkle of rosemary. That hints of spiciness and saltiness together with the zesty lime made any resistance to stop almost futile.
Charcoal karaage ($12.80) is one of Chef Angus Chow. Marinated with Chef Angus Chow’s special recipe, the chicken is flavoursome. Enveloped by an ultra thin n crispy batter, the moist of the chicken is also retained. Although it is served with tobiko, mayo and curry mayo at the side, I thought this dish is good on its own!
The Iberico Pork Jowl ($18.80]) which is available on both the omakase and ala carte menu, it is one item that I will not miss if I am at Gake. Not only it is soft and tender, it is fused with flavours. Oh yes, not to forget that beautiful smokiness from the Kopa oven!
Tori uisuki no “kopa” yaki ($28.80) is one item that you got to get your camera ready when it is served. The ultra juicy Roasted Cajun Chicken is served with whiskey flambé with carrot green Apple slaw and chicken jus at the side. Definitely a 10/10 for both the presentation and the taste.
As part of Premium omakase, smoked avruga caviar and uni toast is definitely a highlight! Served with Aka uni which has a clean, mildly sweet taste and slightly bitter notes with golden leaf atop, one got to eat it at 1 bite with the caviar for a more holistic gastronomical experience. I kid you not, so much so that one of my dining partner had 2 of it!
Surume Ika no “kopa” yaki ($18.80) looks ordinary but it is definitely not a dish that one should judge from its look. Packed with flavours from the Kopa oven, the grilled Japanese squid is mildly seasoned with sweet paprika and served with a herbs salad and squid ink aioli. Oh yes, it is hard to forget how tender the squid is.
Another highlight of the night is the signature Truffled Hiyashi Somen with Uni & caviar ($35.80). Although there is a normal version at $15.80, I said let’s dive into the signature one instead cos being normal is too boring. lol
The japanese rice vermicelli is a myraid of textures and flavours. Don’t miss it, ok?
Wrapping the dinner, we had the Baked Matcha moelleux ($12.80) and the Orange cake ($12.80). Both are equally decadent and it is hard for me to decide which is the better one. The Orange cake is baked with almond and olive oil which made it moist, light and has a nice textural bite while the green tea lava cake is made with a good quality matcha which can be denoted from the bright green colour of the chlorophyl. Served with vanilla ice cream, chocolate crumbs and caramelised hazelnut, it is quite a delight for any matcha lovers out there.

36 Carpenter Street Singapore 059915
Tel: +65 6781 3603
Email: reservation@gake.com.sg
Operating Hours: 5pm until late (Mon ~ Sat)
Closed on Sunday


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