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Of Yakult drink and chilli crab fillings at Foxhole Cafe

Hougang Cafe

When Foxhole Cafe opened its door during their soft launch on 23 Dec 2016 at The Midtown (formerly where Hougang Plaza was located) in Hougang, I was one of the first few who dropped by as it is very near J’s house and of cos to support my friends (Karen, Regina and Raphael). However, I was very reluctant to blog about it as I secretly hoped to keep it as my hidden find! But that wouldn’t be fair to the good folks behind it eh?? Here are my 11 reasons why I want Foxhole Cafe to remain “hidden”.

Foxhole Cafe
1. Natural Lighting
Foxhole cafe is located in a mezzanine unit. Hence, there is plenty of privacy for the customers especially on a quiet afternoon. Major love the high ceiling and tall french windows that allow heaps of natural lighting coming into the cafe.
Foxhole Cafe-2
2. Unicorn!
One of the centre piece of the cafe is the unicorn wall mural. I have huge love for unicorns and this unicorn somehow gives me a both relaxing and dreamy vibes. What do you think?
Foxhole Cafe-3
Foxhole Cafe-4
3. Flowers
Flowers are pleasant to look at, give positive vibes and great props for food styling. Oh yes, there is a self service hydrating corner for us to get our essential doze of H2O.
Foxhole Cafe-7
Foxhole Cafe-9
4. Filtered Coffee
Finally a pourover bar opens its door in Hougang. Good espresso based coffee can be found easily but good filtered coffee is hard to come by. Foxhole Cafe has collaborated with The Pourover Bar. So at Foxhole cafe, you can find a good selection of quality filtered coffee that are specially curated from Australian roasters. I am a huge fan of Ninetyplus coffee which has a more intense and complex profile as compared to many other coffee beans.
Foxhole Cafe-8So a huge yes to that lovely cuppa. Though a cup of filtered coffee can set you back $6 to $35 depending on what beans you select, it is worth every cent you pay if you know your coffee.
Foxhole Cafe-12
5. Instagrammable Yakult drink
I am often skeptical about instagram worthy stuff but trust me, if you are a huge yakult lover like me, I think you will most likely facepalm yourself for not knowing this simple equation. Yakult with soda, vola~ Foxhole Signature Yakult Lover ($6.90). Well, at least the four of us who had our brunch on the first day of 2017 thought so. More than often, I find Yakult a bit too sweet to be drank on its own. But with the soda to balance the overall taste, I think I can drink this all day long!
Foxhole Cafe-15
Foxhole Cafe-22
6. Juicy Cuppa
After a filtered coffee, it is always good to have a cup of espresso based coffee ($3 to $6.90). Well, at least for me, I think it acts the same way as ending a lovely meal with a dessert. Besides decent latte art, what you get is a smooth juicy cuppa with hint of nuttiness. Yummy!
Foxhole Cafe-16
7. Delicious Drizzle Cake
OMG, I am not kidding you, if you like au naturel bakes, Foxhole Cafe is where you can find some of these. Am a huge fan of the drizzle cake ($7.90) here. Not only was I impressed with that lovely zesty aroma, it gives me a nostalgic feeling of grandma’s bakes.
Foxhole Cafe-20
8. Muffins!!!
Muffin with coffee is one of the best pairing ever for tea break in my opinion. With a selection of blueberry muffin and double chocolate muffin, I had a hard time choosing which to I order. Well, the double chocolate muffin ($4.90) is made of dark chocolate, not too sweet and is really rich while the blueberry muffin ($4.90) is soft, huge and moist. Hard to choose, right?
Foxhole Cafe-19
Foxhole Cafe-34
9. Chilli Crab
Chilli Crab is the nation’s fav and it is served with a twist at Foxhole. Love the natural sweetness from the crustacean and the contrasting texture from the egg mayo. Oh well, Chilli Crab is not called a chilli crab without that spicy punch. Foxhole Cafe did it just right that every component comes together with a great balance. Currently, it is served with English Muffin or Croissant. I hope that next time they will have salad option with chilli crab fillings too. Definitely a must order for me, have you tried this?
Foxhole Cafe-30
Foxhole Cafe-23
10. More savoury options!
If you are allergic to shellfish, there are non shellfish options too. Try the Ham and Cheese Muffin ($10.90), if you like something fluffy with a crusty top and delicious cheddar cheese imported from Germany. If not, Black Pepper Smoked Salmon Croissant ($13.90) which my dining partner described as buttery huge croissant that has very fresh smoked salmon. I think she meant that the smoked salmon is not slimy or fishy.
Foxhole Cafe-25
11. Delicious sweet treat!
Like I always say, what is life without dessert. To be exact, good dessert. One would not leave Foxhole Cafe feeling disappointed as they serve really kickass Bread Pudding with vanilla sauce ($11.90). This yummy dish is paired with Sea Salt Malt ice cream. If you like salted caramel ice cream, you will polish this clean! Imagine salted Horlick like ice cream with warm sweet custard like dessert. Enough said, I am feeling hungry already!
Foxhole Cafe-10
Foxhole Cafe-14
Although Foxhole cafe is relatively new, it is one of those cafes that I would return again and again as there are more hits than misses. I am looking forward to see more new items on the menu as currently it is at their soft launch. Have you visited Foxhole Cafe? Do you see it as a shelter against the firing point of life just like I do? Oh ya, did I mention there are power points and free wifi.

Foxhole Cafe
1189 Upper Serangoon Road, The Midtown at Hougang #01-18 Singapore 534785
Operating Hours: 10am to 10pm Daily

Mshannahchia pays for her food review, unless otherwise stated.

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