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Food Review : Lai Heng Cooked Food 来兴经济什菜饭
Inflation going up and many are complaining that the amount earned is always not enough! If only that, everything is just like 10 years ago when things are considered so much cheaper! Surprisingly, today i accidentally found a hawker stall selling economical rice that is so so cheap.
Although the queue for this stall is unceasingly long, it is very fast moving. There are 1 cashier and 2 stall helpers helping customers to put their selected dishes onto the plate. Simply efficient! Beside having a price tag that is very easy to the pocket with only $1.50, for a plate of rice/ a bowl of porridge with 2 vegetables, the variety here is relatively huge. I love the fact that I am letting my eyes feast on the variety before I actually feed my stomach. ^^ Guess what, I ordered a bowl of muay(porridge in hokkien), a sardine fish, egg, ginger liver and spinach and it cost me only $2.40! Do give it a try if you are around the area.

Lai Heng Cooked Food  来兴经济什菜饭
Kim Keat Palm Market & Food Centre
Blk 22 Lorong 7 Toa Payoh #01-07
Singapore 310022
Operating Hours: 5am – 8pm(Daily) On the side note, I have also found a small shop here that is selling biscuits in those old school tins. Pak Kah Hock means happiness of hundreds families in Hokkien if I am not wrong. I am not sure about the others but it sure brings back some joy to me and my colleagues.

There are quite a variety of biscuits and the starting price is from $1 per packet. Some of these biscuits seriously bring back some very fond childhood memories!
Best of all, the uncle here speaks English so I am sure there is no language barrier for anybody. =)
Pak Kah Hock Coffee Powder
Kim Keat Palm Market & Food Centre
Blk 22 Lorong 7 Toa Payoh #01-67
Singapore 310022

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