Heritage Eurasian Christmas at Folklore

Christmas has been a very significant occasion for Chef Damian since his childhood. As his grandfather, as well as his culinary mentor would cook up an Eurasian feast with a myriad of traditional Eurasian dishes to celebrate this festive season. This Christmas, Chef Damian will be showcasing some of his family traditions at Folklore, including some lesser known heritage dishes.
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Prepared in Indian style with both dry and wet spices such as cumin, fennel, coriander, mustard seeds, cinnamon, shallot, ginger, garlic, candlenut…etc, the Mutton Curry ($42++; Takeaway $45 nett) is one item that the chef would prepare together with his Grandfather and eat it with roti prata. I like how the mutton has no gamy flavour and it was good to go with a bowl of rice.
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White Debal ($42++, Takeaway: $45 nett) is Folklore’s version of Curry Devil, which is traditionally made with the leftover meats from the Christmas feasts. I like how the housemade achar of carrots, cucumber, garlic, whole shallots, and whole chillies added a nice acidity to the dish. Beware as this is one dish that comes with a fiery punch.
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To be honest, one of the dish that surprised me was the Vindaloo ($35++, Takeaway: $38 nett) which was originated in Goa. However, Chef Damian uses bonein pork chops, instead of pork ribs. As traditionally, this dish was eaten with hands, my advise is don’t attempt to use fork and knife to cut it into bite size. Simply sink your teeth in to enjoy the flavours.
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If your tummy allows, try their Sambal Juliana with Fried Brinjal ($16) from the a la carte menu. The marriage of the soft brinjal with juicy fat prawns fried with homemade sambal made was like a match in heaven. Totally perfect to go with MORE rice.
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One thing for sure, one cannot leave Folklore without trying the dessert. Besides Kueh Kosui ($8), the Bolu Cocu ($8++ per slice) which is a tradition coconut cake made in a brass mold got to be another of my favourite. It has the texture of a chiffon cake but with more texture as grated coconut as well as a blend of spices (cinnamon, star anise, cloves, and nutmeg) was added.
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Sugee cake ($10++ for 3 slices, Takeaway: $54 nett for 1 kg whole cake) is one item that is often too sweet. But the ones at Folklore is has the right amount of sweetness and it is buttery, moist with a nutty bite from the almond meal. Oh yes, did I mention that Chef Damian’s sugee cake is brushed with brandy every day for a week, before it is served? Hence, you can literally smell the brandy with every bite you take.
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With Christmas coming, if you are looking at getting some unique takeaway, Folklore’s Festive meal takeaways are available with an advance booking of 5 working days (last day to order is 25 December). The Christmas menu will also be available for lunch and dinner till 31 December.

Destination Singapore Beach Road 700 Beach Road, Level 2 Singapore 199598
Tel: +65 6679 2900 / +65 9021 9700
Email: reserve@folklore.sg
Operating hours: Mon –Sun Lunch 12.00 pm – 2.30 pm (Last order 2.15 pm)
Dinner 6.00 pm – 9.30 pm (Last order 9.15 pm)


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